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Feature Plant-based foods Food Trends
June 29, 2021  

Achieving ‘one in 10’

Areas to focus on to capture 10 per cent of the world’s plant-based food market

Feature equipment
June 29, 2021  

Four tips to improve wire conveyor belting safety

In food processing, lightweight wire conveyor belting is a

Feature Technology
June 18, 2021  

What warehouses can do to minimize supply chain issues

While the integral Suez Canal supply channel is no

Feature Business Operations
June 8, 2021  

F&B manufacturing to grow 15 per cent in five years: BDC

In the wake of the pandemic, food and beverage

Feature Beverages equipment
June 7, 2021  

Cannabis drinks market scales up

Heat exchangers can play a key role in the manufacture of cannabis-infused drinks

Feature Food Trends
May 31, 2021  

Finding the new cannabis beverages consumer

Low-dose cannabis as an alcohol alternative shows great potential.

Feature Business Operations Processing
May 25, 2021  

Workforce challenges and COVID-19 impacts

The numbers tell the story

Feature Beverages Business Operations Packaging Processing
May 25, 2021  

Laganière brothers brew up fun and fortune

Their brewery, Lagabière, is set to become one of the biggest in Quebec.

Feature Exporting & Importing Processing
May 18, 2021  

Saluting Quebec’s agri-food heroes

Although resilience reigned, chronic issues were highlighted by a group of agri-food experts

Feature Meat &Poultry Food Trends
May 14, 2021  

One in four Canadians thought about cutting beef in the last 12 months: Survey

The Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University, Halifax, recently

Feature Specialty Foods Products
May 11, 2021  

What’s NEXT in Food at CHFA? by Birgit Blain

The CHFA NEXT virtual trade show showcased an impressive

Feature Specialty Foods Business Operations Processing
May 11, 2021  

A look at new report ‘The state of Canadian food manufacturing: Horizon 2030’

The state of Canadian food manufacturing: Horizon 2030 Canadian

April 30, 2021  

Food safety – Bacteriophage update by Dr. Ron Wasik

A bacteriophage (phage) is a virus that replicates within bacteria.

April 30, 2021  

Food labelling — Where do we go from here? by Gary Gnirss

To appreciate where food labelling under Federal authorities is

April 30, 2021  

Preparing your business for the future of work – by Cher Mereweather

I could fill several pages with everything I’ve learned

April 30, 2021  

Labour training – by Jennefer Griffith – Executive Director at Food Processing Skills Canada

Last year, the World Economic Forum identified emotional intelligence

April 30, 2021  

What the Canada Plastic Pact means for your business – by Carol Zweep

Plastic packaging plays an important role in the food

April 30, 2021  

Butter in the hot seat – Cover story – April 2021

When demand surges for a Canadian food product, the

April 30, 2021  

HOT SPOTS FOR PESTS – Checking these will help keep your food processing facility pest-free —BY ALICE SINIA —

Food processing facilities are a major attractant to pests,

Feature Products
April 29, 2021  

AHEAD OF THE CURVE – the rise of Summer Fresh – April 2021

Susan Niczowski is rightly proud of the phenomenal success

Feature Food In Canada
April 27, 2021  

Livestock feed and Canada’s butter controversy – a legal analysis from our latest issue

Our food supply is inextricably linked with livestock feed,

Feature Food In Canada
April 23, 2021  

Meat trends – from the new issue of ‘Food in Canada’

The high-profile COVID-19 outbreaks in processing plants have put

Feature Specialty Foods Business Operations
March 29, 2021  

Upskilling the workforce in Atlantic Canada – exciting new developments

Jennefer Griffith, executive director at Food Processing Skills Canada,

Feature Specialty Foods Products
March 20, 2021  

Overcoming the challenges of incorporating cannabis ingredients – from our new issue

Working with cannabis is no easy feat for manufacturers,

Feature Meat &Poultry Food In Canada
March 18, 2021  

Navigating price volatility in the meat sector – new feature story by Kyle Burak, FCC

The meat processing sector has experienced its fair share

Feature Food In Canada Regulation
March 15, 2021  

The recent Supreme court decision on the deadliest foodborne disease outbreak in Canadian history – from the latest ‘Food in Canada’

Gladys Osien and Ron Doering from Gowling WLG explain

Feature Specialty Foods Regulation
March 15, 2021  

How food safety regulations are evolving – IbR explanation from Gary Gnirss in our latest issue

IbR regulations represent a small step forward in food

Feature Specialty Foods Food In Canada Food Trends
March 12, 2021  

How upcycling is transforming food waste – new ‘Food in Canada’ feature from Cher Mereweather

It’s the middle of the morning as I write

Feature Specialty Foods Business Operations Regulation
March 10, 2021  

Codex Alimentarius update – new ‘Food in Canada’ column by Dr. Ron Wasik

Established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization

Feature Specialty Foods Business Operations
March 2, 2021  

How to ace a virtual food trade show – advice from columnist Birgit Blain, from our latest issue

Like it or not, virtual food trade shows are

Feature Food In Canada
February 24, 2021  

Snacking in Canada – the cover story from our latest issue

For many large food companies, snack consumption at home

Feature Business Operations
February 23, 2021  

Successful workforce planning – insights from Food in Canada columnist Jennefer Griffith

Assessing labour market data is an essential ingredient to