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December 1, 2021  

Jennifer Commins refreshes the tea industry with Pluck

Earlier this year, Toronto-based Pluck Tea launched its newest flavour –

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November 30, 2021  

The pride of Gaspe

Dary Côté and Denis Fortin of Fruits de Mer du Québec want to make Gaspe seafood accessible to all Canadians

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November 25, 2021  

Daydream’s initial success shows Canadians are open to adaptogenic beverages

Eat Beyond portfolio company Daydream Drink recently secured distribution

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November 25, 2021  

Crack the egg processing issue

Master the delicate art of pasteurizing eggs

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November 18, 2021  

Vision creates a line of plant-based baked goods with superfood ingredients

Vineet Jain, a food technologist with nearly 30 years

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November 18, 2021  

Hire a student to bridge today’s skills gaps

It makes business sense to recruit students who are tomorrow’s leaders

Feature Business Operations
November 12, 2021  

Using virtual reality to train the workforce

Gamification and immersive experiences ease the learning curve for individuals

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November 12, 2021  

A taste of Nigeria, thanks to Lola Adeyemi of It’s Souper

Lola Adeyemi, a Nigerian-Canadian Immigrant, started It’s Souper three

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November 12, 2021  

Bettermoo(d) seeks to deliver the same nutritional value as dairy with oats and herbs

The newly launched Vancouver-based alternative dairy brand Bettermoo(d) is

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November 4, 2021  

Minimizing food waste with technology

Canadian companies are coming up with innovative solutions to address the epidemic of food waste

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November 4, 2021  

Creating Organic Bytes of wholesome cakes serving body, mind and soul

Sisters Yasaman (Toronto) and Samira Haj-Shafiei (Calgary, Alta.) found

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November 4, 2021  

Alberta rancher gets innovative With Wagyu beef snack bar

Alberta rancher Jeff Ball launches Thrive Provisions, a consumer

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October 29, 2021  

Mondelez Canada increases production for 2021 holiday season

Earlier in July, Mondelez Canada, the country’s largest snack

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October 27, 2021  

Bakery trends to watch in 2022

This year has been a roller coaster for all

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October 26, 2021  

Maison Riviera launches keto-friendly Greek yogurt

Canadian brand Maison Riviera is well known for its

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October 21, 2021  

How Made with Local successfully grew while prioritizing a local supply chain

It’s 2012 and the energy bar section of our

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October 20, 2021  

Using CBD in wellness foods

A new range of food categories are including CBDs

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October 14, 2021  

Formulating low-carb breads

Create high-protein products by combining wheat protein isolates and resistant starches

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October 14, 2021  

Solving food safety challenges in beverages

To consumers, much like the perceived interchangeability of best

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October 4, 2021  

Meet HPP Canada, the world’s first plant-based HPP toller

HPP Canada is the first plant-based toller in the

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October 1, 2021  

The Chinova promise: Natural, vegan ingredients for beers

Founded in 2016, Chinova Bioworks is a food technology

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September 27, 2021  

Plant-based foods are the future

The last two years have reminded us about the

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September 22, 2021  

Count of three

To avoid costly and reputation-damaging errors, food products must

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September 17, 2021  

The humble origins of Blender Bites, pioneer of easy smoothie beverages

Chelsie Hodge, CEO of Blender Bites, started her company

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September 17, 2021  

A seed-to-fork tracing system allows Above Food to ‘own’ its supply chain

Above Food, a plant-based food and beverage brand from

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September 10, 2021  

Tracing it to the seed

A new agri-technology traces the entire process of beer manufacturing

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September 8, 2021  

The ‘cost’ of using sustainable packaging

Each year, Zero Waste Week, from September 6 to

Feature Beverages Business Operations Sustainability
September 7, 2021  

Dispatch Coffee: The power of adopting sustainable business practices

With 15 years’ experience in the specialty/craft coffee industry,

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September 2, 2021  

Labelling plant-based products

While labelling battles rage across the Atlantic, a certification program has been launched in Canada

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September 2, 2021  

Vertical farming on the rise

A perfect storm of conditions has breathed life into an old technique

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September 2, 2021  

How Brazilian cocoa can fill gaps in Canada’s food supply

Several factors inform the collective Canadian palate, and one

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August 30, 2021  

Green alternatives to single-use plastic

Consumers are demanding more sustainable solutions, and some are

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August 30, 2021  

New CEO’s plans for Nestle Canada

Earlier this year, John Carmichael became the president and

Feature Plant-based foods Sustainability
August 26, 2021  

Summer Fresh insists on only using sustainably sourced Canadian chickpeas

Summer Fresh works solely with Canadian chickpea growers who

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August 23, 2021  

Conagra’s Prepared in Canada campaign capitalizes on Canadians’ wish to shop local

Earlier this Summer, Conagra launched the “Prepared in Canada”

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August 23, 2021  

Interview: CFIN’s new CEO on innovation and the ‘small food’ problem

Joseph Lake was recently appointed CEO of the Canadian