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Feature Products
November 8, 2022  

White Rabbit creates a niche with edibles

White Rabbit OG edibles are made with whole fruit puree, organic and gluten-free sugars, and cannabis.

Feature Food Trends
October 21, 2022  

Redefining value top trend for 2023: Innova

Over the last year, cost and value for money

Feature Food Trends
October 13, 2022  

Unmasking innovation at CHFA NOW

CHFA NOW (Natural, Organic, Wellness) Toronto has evolved to

Feature Food Trends
October 11, 2022  

Unused dairy finds new uses in beverages

These companies create unique products with discarded whey and milk permeate

Feature Packaging Sustainability
October 3, 2022  

A novel, net-zero packaging for milk

Organic Meadow leads the way with carbon-neutral milk cartons

Feature Sustainability
October 3, 2022  

Mainstreaming food waste reduction with upcycling

Upcycling is gaining traction as processors work to create a circular food economy

Feature Beverages Technology
September 12, 2022  

Labatt launches new B2B app for beverage sector

Labatt Breweries of Canada recently launched Bees, a B2B

Feature Food Trends
August 29, 2022  

‘Aspiring’ change

A young company in Ontario is on the cusp of changing the pet food landscape with insect protein

Feature Ingredients & Additives Products
August 19, 2022  

Untapped flavours from First Nations

Warrior Spices use ingredients handpicked by Indigenous communities across Quebec

Feature Ingredients & Additives Plant-based foods Food Trends
August 2, 2022  

A meaty look into mushrooms and mycelia

Consumer demand for taste, value, and clean labels is driving an innovation race in alternative protein formulation.

Feature Fruit & Vegetables Processing
July 5, 2022  

Smoke Show spices up the Canadian food scene with artisanal sauces

Smoke Show was born in a moment of fraternal

Feature Health & Wellness Products
June 20, 2022  

A peek into the sugar-free world of Simply Delish

With over 35 years in the natural food business,

Feature Meat &Poultry Research & Development
June 15, 2022  

Testing the impacts of antibiotic alternatives on pork quality and safety

Canadian hog farmers are increasingly moving away from using

Feature Fruit & Vegetables Research & Development
June 15, 2022  

Using pulsed light to boost the safety of frozen vegetables

A large processor of frozen and canned vegetables in

Feature Research & Development
June 15, 2022  

Chemical-free food safety

A Canadian dairy co-operative has teamed up with Agriculture

Feature Ingredients & Additives Research & Development
June 15, 2022  

A natural shelf-life extender for clean label foods and beverages

Food and beverage processors are looking for ingredients to

Feature Research & Development
June 15, 2022  

Turning seafood waste into sustainable packaging

Atlantic Canada’s seafood industry is challenged with how to

Feature Grain & Oilseed Milling Research & Development
June 15, 2022  

Unlocking new uses and health benefits of wheat

Although only about 10 per cent of the Canadian

Feature Plant-based foods Research & Development
June 15, 2022  

New opportunities for Canadian oats in the plant-based food sector

More and more consumers around the world are looking

Feature Beverages Grain & Oilseed Milling Food Safety Research & Development
June 14, 2022  

Bringing new life to traditional malting methods

Canada’s craft brewing industry has grown significantly in recent

Feature Beverages Food Trends
June 3, 2022  

The rise of probiotic drinks

Trends in gut health and probiotics in beverage processing

Feature Plant-based foods Products
June 2, 2022  

BY2048 is turning carrots into smoked salmon

BY2048 is a Montreal-based company offering plant-based seafood alternatives.

Feature Beverages Packaging
May 30, 2022  

Nutrition in a wheel

Known for its smoothies, Evive has launched a line of RTE lunch bowls and cereals

Feature Bake & Snack Food Fruit & Vegetables Business Operations
May 24, 2022  

A taste of Lebanon

Ontario-based Cedar Valley Selections is known for creating Canada’s

Feature Bake & Snack Food Business Operations
May 24, 2022  

The ‘humble’ potato gets a sustainable makeover

Humble Snacks, Inc., is disrupting the snack industry with

Feature Bake & Snack Food Business Operations
May 10, 2022  

A purple snacks with a purpose

Purplesful uses purple corn to create tasty treats. They’re

Feature Confectionery Food Trends
May 10, 2022  

The excitement of exotic flavours

Candy companies are delivering travel-like experiences with new taste profiles

Feature Business Operations
April 19, 2022  

Succeeding as a Canadian food entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. You need courage, perseverance,

Feature Beverages Business Operations
April 18, 2022  

Introducing Rabbittown, a specialty craft beverage retailer

Located in Fredericton, N.B., Rabbittown Beverages creates hand-crafted, non-alcoholic,

Feature Meat &Poultry Business Operations
April 4, 2022  

The hidden threat

Strategies for improving cybersecurity in meat processing facilities

Feature Sustainability
March 28, 2022  

Too Good To Go promises to help you become a zero-food waste operation

The average Canadian family wastes 200 kg of food

Feature equipment
March 25, 2022  

Safety gets smarter

Inspecting the new era of food safety