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News Specialty Foods Research & Development
March 9, 2022  

Cell-based dairy company Opalia brings animal-free milk closer to shelves 

Opalia, an early-stage foodtech company that makes whole milk

News Specialty Foods Business Operations
February 18, 2022  

Federal govt. grants Outcast Foods funding upto $1.5 M to address food waste

Earlier this week, Marie-Claude Bibeau, federal agriculture and agri-food

News Specialty Foods Business Operations
February 15, 2022  

Wilk receives U.S. patent for cell-based milk production

Wilk, a company developing cell-based human and animal milk

News Specialty Foods Business Operations
February 14, 2022  

Cult Food Science invests in cell-based chocolate manufacturer California Cultured

Cult Food Science Corp., an investment platform with an exclusive

Feature Specialty Foods Food Safety
February 10, 2022  

The food safety advantages of lab-grown meat

Data gathered on the environmental impacts of food production

Feature Specialty Foods Food Trends
December 13, 2021  

Cult Food seeks to empower food-tech companies creating clean, lab-grown food

Cult Food Science Corp. is an investment platform with

News Specialty Foods Food Trends
December 7, 2021  

Introducing Canada’s first regional cellular agriculture competition

With a potential result of food innovations that will

News Specialty Foods Business Operations
November 26, 2021  

Nanofibrous scaffolding producer Gelatex raises $1.2M in seed funding

Estonian start-up Gelatex has found a solution to scale and

Feature Specialty Foods Food Trends
November 25, 2021  

Daydream’s initial success shows Canadians are open to adaptogenic beverages

Eat Beyond portfolio company Daydream Drink recently secured distribution

Feature Specialty Foods In-Depth Products Women in Manufacturing
November 12, 2021  

A taste of Nigeria, thanks to Lola Adeyemi of It’s Souper

Lola Adeyemi, a Nigerian-Canadian Immigrant, started It’s Souper three

Feature Specialty Foods Processing
November 4, 2021  

Minimizing food waste with technology

Canadian companies are coming up with innovative solutions to address the epidemic of food waste

News Specialty Foods Business Operations
October 28, 2021  

Cult Food Science acquires stake in analogue wagyu ribeye company Ohayo Valley

Cult Food Science, an investment platform with a focus

Opinion Specialty Foods Food Trends
October 6, 2021  

Why the cultured meat industry needs its own Elon Musk

Leonardo DiCaprio has just used his A-list magic powers

News Specialty Foods Sustainability
September 7, 2021  

Outcast Foods partners with U.S. nonprofit Rethink Food

Outcast Foods is partnering with Rethink Food, a New

Feature Confectionery Specialty Foods Exporting & Importing
September 2, 2021  

How Brazilian cocoa can fill gaps in Canada’s food supply

Several factors inform the collective Canadian palate, and one

News Specialty Foods Packaging Products
July 20, 2021  

Viveau unveils new look

Viveau, a fruit and sparkling water beverage brand, has

News Specialty Foods Business Operations
June 18, 2021  

Outcast appoints Miriam Zitner as VP

Outcast Foods, a Canadian food technology company that rescues

News Specialty Foods Business Operations
June 17, 2021  

Vumami Foods celebrates its first anniversary

Vumami Foods is celebrating two major business milestones: its

News Specialty Foods Packaging Sustainability
June 16, 2021  

Gerber and Terracycle launch recycling program

Gerber partners with international recycling company TerraCycle to help

News Specialty Foods Business Operations
June 4, 2021  

Teasdale Latin Foods welcomes new CEO

Teasdale Latin Foods, a provider of Hispanic foods, appoints

News Specialty Foods Food Trends
May 27, 2021  

Lola’s Latin Food expands partnership with Ghost Kitchens

Lola’s Latin Food, one of Canada’s largest providers of

News Specialty Foods Food Trends
May 20, 2021  

Israeli food tech startup enters the Canadian cannabis edibles market

Cannibble FoodTech, an Israeli startup, is developing a new

News Beverages Plant-based foods Specialty Foods Packaging Research & Development Sustainability Technology
May 20, 2021  

Rritual teams up with NEXE to create compostable superfoods

Rritual Superfoods partners with NEXE Technologies to develop and

News Bake & Snack Food Specialty Foods Processing
May 12, 2021  

Real Treat first Canadian cookie brand to win the Sofi Award

Real Treat’s Lemon Sablés with Herbes de Provence wins

Feature Specialty Foods Products
May 11, 2021  

What’s NEXT in Food at CHFA? by Birgit Blain

The CHFA NEXT virtual trade show showcased an impressive

Feature Specialty Foods Business Operations Processing
May 11, 2021  

A look at new report ‘The state of Canadian food manufacturing: Horizon 2030’

The state of Canadian food manufacturing: Horizon 2030 Canadian

News Specialty Foods Products Research & Development
May 6, 2021  

Functional foods company Rritual Superfoods of Vancouver announces R&D division

Functional foods company Rritual Superfoods of Vancouver announces Chief

News Specialty Foods Processing
May 6, 2021  

Food and Beverage Canada welcomes new report on processing capacity

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and

News Specialty Foods Food Trends
May 6, 2021  

The Canadian Food Innovation Network launches

As Canada’s new gateway to food innovation, the Canadian

News Specialty Foods Sustainability
April 22, 2021  

Earth Day rings in food&bev sustainability news – Flow Water, Tate & Lyle, Kitkat, Tim Hortons

Flow Water has been awarded a Canada’s Clean50 Award.

News Specialty Foods Food In Canada
April 19, 2021  

Nature’s Path, Cowbell Brewing Co., Labatts among ‘Canada’s Greenest Employers’

‘Canada’s Greenest Employers’ for 2021 have been announced by

News Specialty Foods Products
April 19, 2021  

Flow Scientific joins BC Hop Company to market more hemp-derived terpenes in food and beverages

“As part of BC Hop Company’s ongoing expansion beyond