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News Ingredients & Additives Processing
March 23, 2023  

Crush Dynamics secures U.S. patent for fermented ingredient

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has

Feature Automation Food In Canada Packaging Processing
March 22, 2023  

World’s first autonomous micro-factory from Relocalize gets funding boost from CFIN

Earlier this year, the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN) invested $1.1

News Food In Canada Processing
March 1, 2023  

Handtmann breaks ground to expand manufacturing capacity

Completion is scheduled for the end of 2023

Feature Fruit & Vegetables Processing
February 8, 2023  

Efficiency key as juice producers squeezed

Orange juice remains one of the most popular soft

News Meat &Poultry Processing
September 12, 2022  

Team Canada competes at their first World Butchers’ Challenge

The World Butchers’ Challenge, known as the ‘Olympics of

Opinion Dairy Processing
August 10, 2022  

What’s really behind higher milk prices

Every year, the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC), a branch

News Processing
July 19, 2022  

EnWave earns SQF Certification for vacuum-microwave toll manufacturing facility

EnWave Corporation’s vacuum-microwave toll drying facility, Revworx, has successfully

Feature Fruit & Vegetables Processing
July 5, 2022  

Smoke Show spices up the Canadian food scene with artisanal sauces

Smoke Show was born in a moment of fraternal

Opinion Ingredients & Additives Processing
May 5, 2022  

The world is running out of vegetable oil

Funny how sometimes we take the simple things in

News Ingredients & Additives Processing
March 23, 2022  

Conagen produces two thaumatin protein natural sweeteners at scale 

Conagen scales up production of two new high-intensity sweeteners,

Feature Beverages Processing
March 21, 2022  

Viveau reimagines sparkling beverages with a healthy twist

Based out of Nova Scotia, Viveau has created a sparkling

News Ingredients & Additives Plant-based foods Processing
March 21, 2022  

$29M project seeks to create a better plant-protein ingredient

Protein Industries Canada and a consortium of partners, including

Feature Beverages Ingredients & Additives Processing
February 16, 2022  

Sugar reduction in beverages: A fluid approach

A glance at the global beverage market shows that,

News Bake & Snack Food Processing
February 9, 2022  

BAC and ABA partner on education, training

The Baking Association of Canada (BAC) and the American

News Processing
February 9, 2022  

Ontario offering free training for food and beverage careers

The Ontario government is investing almost $1 million to

News Processing
February 2, 2022  

Bakery Showcase offers exciting speakers, demonstrations and panels to help your business thrive

The Baking Association of Canada (BAC) is pleased to

News Ingredients & Additives Processing
January 28, 2022  

Barentz to distribute ACT Polyols’ glucose sweeteners and plant proteins in North America

Barentz has been appointed as the exclusive North American

Feature Meat &Poultry Processing
January 24, 2022  

The Rowe deal

Premium meat processor recoups market share lost to COVID-19 indoor dining restrictions with swift transition to the grocery e-commerce channels

News Fruit & Vegetables Grain & Oilseed Milling Plant-based foods Processing
December 16, 2021  

New partnership to develop farm-to-fork ecosystem for lupin in Canada

Today, Protein Industries Canada (PIC) announced a project to

Opinion Processing
December 2, 2021  

Food Law: When ‘negligible’ means ‘zero’

Processing aids are used to fulfil certain technical purposes

News Meat &Poultry Processing
November 26, 2021  

Meat and Poultry Ontario celebrates 40th anniversary

Meat & Poultry Ontario (MPO) celebrated its 40th year

Feature Meat &Poultry Processing
November 25, 2021  

Crack the egg processing issue

Master the delicate art of pasteurizing eggs

News Processing
November 24, 2021  

New partnership to advance fermentation processing in Western Canada

Protein Industries Canada announces a new project to strengthen

Feature Specialty Foods Processing
November 4, 2021  

Minimizing food waste with technology

Canadian companies are coming up with innovative solutions to address the epidemic of food waste

News Meat &Poultry Processing
October 20, 2021  

Governments investing $3M to protect Ontario’s pork sector

The governments of Canada and Ontario are investing nearly

Feature Bake & Snack Food Processing
October 14, 2021  

Formulating low-carb breads

Create high-protein products by combining wheat protein isolates and resistant starches

Feature Plant-based foods Processing
October 4, 2021  

Meet HPP Canada, the world’s first plant-based HPP toller

HPP Canada is the first plant-based toller in the

Feature Beverages Ingredients & Additives Processing
October 1, 2021  

The Chinova promise: Natural, vegan ingredients for beers

Founded in 2016, Chinova Bioworks is a food technology

News Bake & Snack Food Processing
September 30, 2021  

IBIEducate 2021 in Kansas City cancelled

After an exhaustive process of due diligence conversations and

News Plant-based foods Processing
September 23, 2021  

Protein Industries Canada and partners launch sector roadmap

Protein Industries Canada (PIC), in collaboration with several partners,

Feature Fruit & Vegetables Processing
September 2, 2021  

Vertical farming on the rise

A perfect storm of conditions has breathed life into an old technique

News equipment Food Safety Processing
August 30, 2021  

How to avoid over-specifying mixers

Engineers processing powders and other bulk materials today face