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Opinion Business Operations
July 25, 2022  

How the supply chain crisis brings opportunities

The ongoing supply chain crisis continues to bring challenges

Opinion Regulation
July 22, 2022  

Food Law: Impact of supply chain disruptions on food labelling

Global events can cause long lasting disruptions in the

Opinion Packaging
July 19, 2022  

Recipe to Retail: Is packaging redesign a sound investment?

Are you planning a packaging redesign? Changing the graphic

Opinion Regulation
July 19, 2022  

Food Law: Health Canada targets saturated fat, sugars, and sodium with its new FOP labelling regulations

On June 30, 2022, the health minister announced the

Opinion Food Safety
July 5, 2022  

Focus on Food Safety: How do you know if someone is skilled for a food safety job?

Late spring is a great time for academicians because

Opinion Sustainability
June 16, 2022  

Sustainable Change: One giant leap

Loblaws’ commitment to be net zero by 2050 reminds

Opinion Automation
June 14, 2022  

How to meet an uncertain future amidst a chronic labour shortage

There is an acute labour shortage in food businesses

Opinion Meat &Poultry Regulation
June 3, 2022  

For Health Canada, some saturated fats are more equal than others

Looks like we will all see different symbols on

Opinion Food Safety
May 30, 2022  

How to navigate the impacts of the war in Ukraine and other events on the supply chain

Disruptions to the supply chain are not unusual for

Opinion Beverages Packaging
May 30, 2022  

Packaging: Evolution of beverage packaging

Beverage packaging has evolved over the years. In the

Opinion Regulation
May 20, 2022  

Regulatory Affairs: Supply chain constraints versus compliance

The current supply chain and inflationary challenges will remain

Opinion Food Safety
May 18, 2022  

Focus on Food Safety: Are you ready for the upcoming changes to traceability?

The United States is updating Section 204(d), which relates

Opinion Ingredients & Additives Processing
May 5, 2022  

The world is running out of vegetable oil

Funny how sometimes we take the simple things in

Opinion Automation
May 2, 2022  

Automation for food processors starts with food safety and traceability

Amid supply chain and labour disruptions, building resilience in

Opinion Beverages Packaging
April 8, 2022  

Equipment updates can set beverage manufacturers up for success

Shifting consumer preferences are creating new production realities for

Opinion Sustainability
April 8, 2022  

Sustainable Change: An action plan to meet 2030 goals

There are fewer than 100 months until 2030, the

Opinion Meat &Poultry Business Operations
April 4, 2022  

A beef with greed

We recently learned that a Quebec-based group is leading

Opinion Plant-based foods Food Trends
March 16, 2022  

Isn’t it time plant-based foods get a week in the spotlight?

With demand for plant-based foods surging globally, isn’t it

Opinion Business Operations
March 9, 2022  

Playing Russian roulette with food security

With war comes economic sanctions. Instead of sending troops

Opinion Food Trends
March 2, 2022  

From a virus to a tyrant

Humanity just got dealt another blow with Russia’s invasion

Opinion Business Operations
February 28, 2022  

Recipe to Retail: Merchandising matters

For brand owners selling through retail channels, it’s critical

Opinion Food Safety
February 25, 2022  

Focus on Food Safety: The small business conundrum

Small food businesses are having a surge of public

Opinion Business Operations
February 23, 2022  

The war on chips is just the tip of the iceberg

We recently learned that Frito-Lay, a brand owned by

Opinion Ingredients & Additives Regulation
February 17, 2022  

Food Law: One fish, two fish, pink fish…grey fish?

It’s been said that we eat first with our

Opinion Plant-based foods Food Trends
January 17, 2022  

Why 2022 could be a breakout year for plant-based startups

The plant-based food industry has seen tremendous growth in

Opinion Food Safety
December 30, 2021  

Focus on Food Safety: Inherent risks in processing II

This column will be my last one for Food

Opinion Regulation
December 30, 2021  

Regulatory Affairs: Nutrition labelling goal posts are on the move

Canada’s first mandatory nutrition labelling regulations were registered in

Opinion Packaging
December 13, 2021  

Packaging: Helping your product stand out

Packaging is the first impression of your product to

Opinion Sustainability
December 2, 2021  

Sustainable Change: A circle in a box – upcycling your dinner

Almost all of the food and beverage companies in

Opinion Processing
December 2, 2021  

Food Law: When ‘negligible’ means ‘zero’

Processing aids are used to fulfil certain technical purposes

Opinion Food Safety
November 30, 2021  

Focus on Food Safety: What’s your exposure?

As I look forward to retiring from contributing regularly

Opinion Regulation
November 25, 2021  

Regulatory Affairs: U.S. plans to modernize food labels

Food labelling modernization is not just a Canadian phenomenon.