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January 4, 2021  

Food Innovation at GIC Caters to Changing Needs

The primary concerns of Canadians have shifted in reaction

Opinion Confectionery Health & Wellness Specialty Foods Food Trends Products
November 18, 2020  

SIAL Virtual Selections

I love the thrill of the hunt for new

Opinion Plant-based foods Specialty Foods Food Trends Products
November 17, 2020  

CHFA Innovation Highlights

Diving deep into the CHFA Connect virtual trade show, these

Opinion Business Operations
November 4, 2020  

Time to say good-bye? When to exit a business

RECIPE TO RETAIL: Part 24… Food is a tough

Opinion Packaging
July 22, 2020  

Packaging Misconceptions Unwrapped

RECIPE TO RETAIL: Part 23… In this age of

Opinion Food Trends Research & Development
May 7, 2020  

RC Show Faves

Toronto’s annual RC Show, Canada’s largest foodservice and hospitality

Opinion Packaging
April 29, 2020  

Beware of Overpromising

RECIPE TO RETAIL: Part 22… Have you ever been

March 25, 2020  

Why COVID-19 will change the food industry, forever

By Sylvain Charlebois, Senior Director, Agri-Food Analytics Lab, Dalhousie University

Opinion Business Operations
March 20, 2020  

Minding the Money: Healthy Finance Tips

RECIPE TO RETAIL: Part 21… Financial competence is crucial

Opinion Fruit & Vegetables Grain & Oilseed Milling Meat &Poultry Business Operations Exporting & Importing Food In Canada
February 10, 2020  

In Food Safety, Wenliang’s Death Could Become Our Problem

By Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Professor and Senior Director, Agri-Food

Opinion Food In Canada
January 24, 2020  

Buying Canadian, eh?

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is going into marketing. It

Opinion Business Operations
December 11, 2019  

Nielsen Insights from Thought Leadership CEO Conference

Competition is fierce among Canada’s packaged food brands. Arming

Opinion Beverages Specialty Foods Food Trends Packaging Products
November 21, 2019  

7 Take-Aways from Grocery Innovations

Savvy brand owners check out trade shows like Grocery

Opinion Food In Canada Sustainability
November 7, 2019  

Behind Maple Leaf Foods’ bold call to become carbon neutral

By Sylvain Charlebois Maple Leaf Foods is not just

Opinion Health & Wellness Meat &Poultry Food Trends Sustainability
November 1, 2019  

If you’re a meat lover, thank a vegan. Here’s why

November 1 is World Vegan Day. If you’re a meat lover, hug a vegan. You should be thankful for what vegans are doing to our food industry.

Opinion Food In Canada
October 17, 2019  

Recreational legal cannabis sales may reach 50% of total sales between 2025 and 2026

By Sylvain Charlebois and Brian Sterling Dalhousie University Recreational

Opinion Health & Wellness Food Trends Packaging Products Sustainability
October 1, 2019  

Plant-based Takes Root at CHFA East

CHFA East in Toronto has evolved to become a

Opinion Food In Canada Food Trends
September 30, 2019  

McDonald’s: The great protein betrayal

By Sylvain Charlebois Director, Agri-food Analytics Lab, Dalhousie University

Opinion Food In Canada Regulation
September 25, 2019  

Not Kosher?

By Sylvain Charlebois, Director, Agri-Food Analytics Lab, Dalhousie University

Opinion Dairy Food In Canada Regulation
August 19, 2019  

Dairy welfare

“Dairy farmers can no longer say that supply management allows them to produce milk for Canadians, without any subsidies. That all changed last week. But dairy farmers shouldn’t just be compensated, they also deserve a continuing strategy. And right now, there isn’t one.”

Opinion Packaging Regulation
July 26, 2019  

Curbing Deceptive Marketing

RECIPE TO RETAIL: Part 19… Consumers don’t like to

Opinion Health & Wellness Meat &Poultry Specialty Foods Food In Canada Food Trends Products
May 21, 2019  

Don’t care about the new Food Guide? Some do, especially when it comes to plant-based dieting

By: Sylvain Charlebois According to a recent poll from

Opinion Business Operations
May 7, 2019  

TIME FOR A DIET? Practice portfolio management

RECIPE TO RETAIL: Part 18… Many food brands suffer

Opinion Meat &Poultry
April 12, 2019  

Maple Leaf Foods, U.S.A.?

By: Sylvain Charlebois Maple Leaf Foods, the largest pork

Opinion Bake & Snack Food Beverages Confectionery Specialty Foods Business Operations
March 26, 2019  

Benefits of a SWOT

RECIPE TO RETAIL: Part 17… Before embarking on a

Opinion Bake & Snack Food Dairy Fruit & Vegetables Meat &Poultry Exporting & Importing Food In Canada Processing
March 22, 2019  

Ottawa stunts agri-food sector growth

The following is an opinion piece by Dr. Sylvain

Opinion Bake & Snack Food Dairy Business Operations
March 5, 2019  

Saving Jell-O

by Sylvain Charlebois, Dalhousie University  If some were still

Opinion Food Safety Regulation
January 24, 2019  

A Single Food Safety Agency for the U.S.?

Well, here they go again. Another U.S. President has

Opinion Food Safety Food Trends Regulation
January 24, 2019  

Safe Foods for Canadians Act: More than meets the eye

With summer now well behind us and a month

Opinion Exporting & Importing Food Trends
January 24, 2019  

Market Commentary: Giving up dairy import quotas not the answer

From the October 2018 issue of Food in Canada magazine

Opinion Food In Canada Food Trends
January 23, 2019  

FCPC welcomes a modern food guide for Canadians: processed food has a place in a healthy diet

MISSISSAUGA, Ont.—Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC), the

Opinion Food Trends
January 22, 2019  

Canada’s Food Guide: A new dish, with a dash of condescension   

“Canada’s new food guide is finally here. After years of celebrating our agricultural know-how, our food guide has now gone urban. But c’mon Health Canada, enough with the patronizing already.”