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Opinion Bake & Snack Food Processing
April 9, 2015  

A meal by any other name

Snacks, in all their forms, now account for US$374 billion annually

Opinion Processing Regulation
April 9, 2015  

Soya say it’s healthy, eh?

A look at Health Canada’s “Proposal to Accept a Health Claim about Soy Products and Cholesterol Lowering”

Opinion Food Safety
April 9, 2015  

Safe Food Canada – The Learning Partnership

Ron Wasik discusses this new not-for-profit organization

Opinion Business Operations Regulation
April 9, 2015  

Regulatory Myths – Part II

Myth number 2: Quantitative Risk Benefit Analysis has significantly improved regulation making.

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March 24, 2015  

So, does the complexity of the sector get in the way of an overall strategy?

The market is complex. Canada’s innovation strategy must not only cover the product complexity, but also ensure sound environmental performance in the entire value chain as well as cost effective, high-quality foods (think Lean/Six Sigma) to enable us to beat our competition.

March 23, 2015  

Not Training Your Operations Staff on Information Management Could Cost You

Over 40% of Canadian food recalls are triggered by

Opinion Packaging Regulation
March 19, 2015  

Who cares about French translation?

An American brand owner planning to launch in the

Opinion Business Operations Food Trends
March 3, 2015  

Market trends that will drive our national food strategy

Gary Fread looks at the consumer trends affecting the food industry in Canada

Opinion Food In Canada
March 2, 2015  

How Does Your Traceability System Stack Up?

Traceability Audit scores are not like school grades, where

Opinion Food Safety Processing
February 17, 2015  

Plant micro results are good, but bad in the field

Reconciling good micro results in the plant with bad micro problems in the field

Opinion Food Safety Packaging Regulation
February 17, 2015  

To gluten and beyond!

Canadian regulations allow gluten claim

Opinion Regulation
February 17, 2015  

Regulatory Myths – Part I

Myth number-1: the fewer regulations the better.

Opinion Business Operations
January 30, 2015  

A Canadian national food strategy: Yes, we can do it, but will we?

And so, we start another new year. Much is

Opinion Business Operations Processing
December 22, 2014  

Is a national food strategy the right way to go?

Does Canada need a national food plan?

Opinion Food Trends
December 18, 2014  

Product Innovations at GIC

Innovation is often the result of trying to solve

Opinion Business Operations
December 18, 2014  

Promotions: Are print flyers becoming obsolete?

Getting products listed at retailers can be a challenge,

Opinion Business Operations Food Trends Processing
December 1, 2014  

Make way for Generation Z

Move over millennials, there’s a new cohort in town

Opinion Beverages Processing Regulation
December 1, 2014  

Brewing modern food standards

When speaking of regulatory modernization it is hard to avoid the dialogue around food standards

Opinion Business Operations Food Safety
December 1, 2014  

Social media – ally or enemy?

Social media can provide your company with many opportunities, as well as challenges

Opinion Business Operations Packaging Processing
November 30, 2014  

Can we compete?

Some thoughts on value chains and roundtables

Opinion Bake & Snack Food Beverages Confectionery Dairy Fruit & Vegetables Ingredients & Additives Meat &Poultry Pet Food Seafood Specialty Foods Food Safety
October 28, 2014  

CFIA Modernization: The consultations conclude

Early this year the Canadian Food Inspection Agency published responses to industry feedback received in 2013. The CFIA provided more detail about how it hopes to operate under its new terms of reference. Here is a short list.

Opinion Business Operations Processing
October 27, 2014  

Re-imagining Canada Food Inc.

More about how to make a national Canadian food strategy a reality

Opinion Food In Canada
October 22, 2014  

GIC Promotes Community Support

Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons remind us to share

Opinion Packaging Processing Regulation
October 17, 2014  

Serving up label changes

Serving sizes and mandatory labelling

Opinion Meat &Poultry Food Safety Processing Regulation
October 17, 2014  

Amplifying AMPs – Part II

Careful attention to implementation is key

Opinion Business Operations Food Trends Processing
September 24, 2014  

What about an environmental strategy?

Gary Fread looks at the environmental aspects of sustainability and the success of Canada Food Inc.

Opinion Bake & Snack Food Fruit & Vegetables Health & Wellness Business Operations Food Trends Processing
September 24, 2014  

Canadian Food Innovators

At this year’s CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) show

Opinion Ingredients & Additives Packaging Regulation
September 8, 2014  

A “sweet” trinity – sugar labelling

Sugar and the future of nutrition labelling in Canada

Opinion Food Safety
September 8, 2014  

Reference database for hazard identification

Canada has developed a “Reference Database for Hazard Identification”

Opinion Meat &Poultry Food Safety Regulation
September 8, 2014  

Amplifying AMPs – Part I

Extending AMPs to the Meat Inspection Act is a major development

Opinion Business Operations Processing
August 29, 2014  

How could we make this happen?

Gary Fread considers the future of Canada Food Inc.

Opinion Business Operations
August 28, 2014  

Private Label Pros & Cons

Food processors often ask me if they should enter