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Opinion Meat &Poultry Specialty Foods
March 7, 2017  

Protein by any other name

An ever widening array of protein sources is now available to consumers

Opinion Regulation
March 7, 2017  

Driving Change

The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

Opinion Regulation
March 7, 2017  

Fettering discretion

A cautionary reminder for regulators and their ministers

Opinion Food Safety Regulation
March 7, 2017  

The food safety focus of SFCA

Food safety concerns contained in the Safe Food for Canadians Act

Opinion Business Operations
February 13, 2017  

The Price is Right. Or is it?

RECIPE TO RETAIL: Part 9 One of many challenges food

Opinion Food Safety
February 8, 2017  

An accountant’s role in food safety

Everyone in a food enterprise is part of the food safety team

Opinion Regulation
February 8, 2017  

The future of food labelling

Redefining food labelling compliance rolls

Opinion Business Operations
February 7, 2017  

Canada’s Food Sector: Some Lack of Awareness

The significance of the food and beverage industry to Canada’s economy

Opinion Bake & Snack Food Health & Wellness Specialty Foods Food Trends Packaging
January 9, 2017  

How Healthy Crunch cultivated a rapidly growing brand

Brand owners dream of retail chains eager to list

Opinion Exporting & Importing Research & Development
December 15, 2016  

Canada’s food strategy: Let’s talk innovation

Innovation is a key priority to increase the Canadian food processing industry’s competitiveness

Opinion Ingredients & Additives Food In Canada Food Trends Research & Development
December 8, 2016  

Ingredients Provide Solutions

The food ingredients industry is continually evolving to help

Opinion Health & Wellness Regulation
December 8, 2016  

Front-of-packaging nutrition labelling

Health Canada is turning up the heat on healthy

Opinion Food Safety
December 8, 2016  

Building confidence and competence with technology

Today’s business realities are unlike anything that could have

Opinion Regulation
December 8, 2016  

Another victory for anti-science? Mandatory labelling of GE food

The United States has just adopted another policy that

Opinion Business Operations Exporting & Importing
November 11, 2016  

Canada’s export strategy: What does the U.S. election mean for us?

The U.S. is by far our largest export market in literally all of the food sectors

Opinion Specialty Foods Food Trends Research & Development
November 1, 2016  

Innovation Inspiration from GIC

Trade shows can reveal a wealth of innovative ideas

Opinion Health & Wellness Specialty Foods Food Trends
October 14, 2016  

Health Food Barometer: 7 Opportunities

With today’s rapid rate of new product launches, it’s

Opinion Food Safety Regulation
October 11, 2016  

Agri-food week

Let’s make the week of Oct. 10 Agri-food Week

Opinion Packaging Regulation
October 11, 2016  

Is food labelling getting smarter?

There is an insatiable appetite by consumers to better know the food they eat. How much info should be on the label?

Opinion Business Operations Exporting & Importing Food Safety Processing Regulation
October 6, 2016  

Canada’s food strategy: Now what?

Let’s ensure the food industry will succeed when export development opportunities arise

Opinion Food Safety Regulation
September 26, 2016  

Food Lawyers: A brief retrospective

With the growth of food law in the last 20 years has come an explosion in media attention to food issues

Opinion Food Safety Processing Research & Development
September 26, 2016  

Food irradiation of beef

Why are we so reluctant to adopt safe and effective technology to improve food safety?

Opinion Meat &Poultry Business Operations Food Safety Processing Research & Development
September 26, 2016  

Food irradition: A historical perspective

The story of food irradiation is enshrouded in misconceptions, despite the safety of such foods being overwhelmingly supported by decades of research

Opinion Business Operations Exporting & Importing
September 7, 2016  

Canada’s food strategy: More on the export challenge

Worldwide events that will likely affect Canadian food exports

Opinion Health & Wellness Ingredients & Additives Regulation
August 16, 2016  

The bitter and sweet on sugar labelling

The U.S. has recently finalized rule making on nutrition

Opinion Food Safety Processing
August 9, 2016  

Are we there yet?

In the past months I have participated in a

Opinion Packaging Regulation
August 9, 2016  

Regulatory Labelling: Protect Your Business

RECIPE TO RETAIL: Part 8 Sometimes brand owners make

Opinion Business Operations
July 29, 2016  

Canada’s Food Strategy: So what can we do now?

How can “Canada Food Inc.” move an increased exports strategy forward?

Opinion Business Operations
July 26, 2016  

How to Make Better Decisions

Food processors and brand owners frequently need to deal

Opinion Business Operations Exporting & Importing
July 7, 2016  

Canada’s Food Strategy: Some major challenges

As I continue thinking about the topic of Canada’s

Opinion Packaging
June 23, 2016  

Packaging: Much more than a pretty face

RECIPE TO RETAIL: Part 7 Packaging is a huge investment.

Opinion Food Safety
June 8, 2016  

Let’s get small

Since writing on nanotechnology over two decades ago, the