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Bettermoo(d) seeks to deliver the same nutritional value as dairy with oats and herbs

By Nithya Caleb   

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Nima Bahrami

The newly launched Vancouver-based alternative dairy brand Bettermoo(d) is dedicated to providing “nourishing, environmentally friendly and delicious vegan products without harming animals and the environment.”

Bettermoo(d) began after its founder, Nima Bahrami, connected with conscious farmers who helped him better understand that a cow’s diet greatly influences the flavour of the milk they produce. From this research, Bettermoo(d) created a propriety blend of herbs that would allow their products to have a similar flavour to the best tasting dairy products in the alps regions of France, Switzerland and Austria.

This special blend delivers the same nutritional value as dairy milk, but without the devastating impact on the environment or the mistreatment of animals.

Co-founder Nima Bahrami is now the CEO. He will continue to build out the company. Originally from Iran, Bahrami and his family immigrated to Vancouver when he was nine years old. As the son of hard-working business owners, his entrepreneurial spirit was fostered at a young age. After earning an MBA from Cardiff University, Bahrami pursued a career focused in the areas of natural health and finance. Prior to starting Bettermoo(d), Bahrami oversaw the business development, strategic planning and the successful integration of health and wellness product lines with publicly traded companies.


I caught up with Bahrami to discuss the Bettermoo(d)’s mission and products.

What’s unique about Bettermoo(d)?
NB: Bettermoo(d) is at the forefront of innovation in the plant-based dairy sector, and offers consumers a unique opportunity to access what makes the best tasting milk and cheeses in the world – found in the Alps regions of France, Switzerland, and Austria – without the environmental impact of traditional dairy consumption. Through our research and countless conversations with farmers in these areas, we concluded that what cows eat and where they live greatly influences the taste of the dairy products they produce. As a result, our products are infused with the herbs available to pasture-raised cows in the Alps regions of France, Switzerland and Austria, and developed using the concept of “what a cow eats and a human needs.” This formula is then blended with healthy plant fats and vitamins to create a rich, creamy plant-based dairy alternative, so consumers don’t have to miss out on the flavour and nutrition from traditional dairy products.

What motivated to you start Bettermoo(d)?
NB: More than 40 per cent of Canadians are actively trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets. Further, consumers around the world have become much more conscious about where their food comes from and how it is produced, as well as the tremendous negative environmental impact of traditional food production practices. We sought to create a line of dairy alternatives that provided access to the flavours of delicious dairy products from France, Switzerland and Austria, while producing them ethically so consumers don’t have to say goodbye to flavours of milk and cheeses made from cows.

Where are the ingredients sourced?
NB: All of our products are formulated in Canada with carefully and sustainably sourced ingredients.

What is Moodrink, your your first product?
NB: Bettermoo(d)’s Moodrink is made from a proprietary blend of herbs that can be found in the Alps, mixed with organic, gluten-free, non-GMO oats to produce a smooth, creamy, and low in sugar dairy alternative for baking, cooking, cocktails, coffee or any other milk application. Our formula is entirely plant- and mineral-based, making Moodrink suitable for those following a vegan diet while providing all the benefits and flavour of traditional milk.

What are your future plans for Bettermoo(d)?
NB: Following the launch of our first product, Moodrink, the Bettermoo(d) team is planning to launch a full line of plant-based alternatives to cow’s milk including Moogurt (yogurt) and Better (butter). We also plan to launch plant-based cheese, ice cream, sour cream and crème fraiche. With our extended product line, we will further our mission of granting people access to what makes the best tasting dairy products in the world through the development of plant-based dairy alternatives made with what a cow eats and a human needs. As we continue to sustainably source our ingredients and encourage the reduction of meat and dairy consumption, we hope that Bettermoo(d) becomes a leader in fostering sustainable and responsible eating.

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