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Report looks at impact of foodborne illness

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Late last year, the U.S.-based Center for Foodborne Illness Research & Prevention (CFI) released its report The Long-Term Health Outcomes of Selected Foodborne Pathogens.

The report explains that the severity of acute foodborne disease varies greatly, depending on the pathogen and the vulnerability of the person infected.

Impact of foodborne illness

But the impact on children, the elderly and immune-suppressed is more likely to be serious and/or long-lasting.


The report’s authors went on to say the long-term health burden of foodborne disease is not well understood and there are few guidelines for long-term medical care.

The report calls for additional research to improve knowledge about these diseases so that we can better understand the impact foodborne illness is having on different populations, particularly young children.

The report also stressed that foodborne illness must be recognized as a serious public health issue “if we want to make meaningful progress in reducing sickness, injury and death associated with foodborne disease.”

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