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Comax Flavors’ Vanillin products hit sweet spot

Comax's Vanillin products address the need for natural vanilla alternatives

February 4, 2016   Food in Canada

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Vanilla Beans

The high demand for vanilla and the supply shortage has resulted in a volatile vanilla market with soaring costs. To address the need for natural vanilla alternatives, Comax Flavors offers Natural Comax Product V (100% Natural Vanillin ex Clove) and VANI-MAX (100% Natural Vanillin ex Ferulic Acid) ingredients. Both natural vanillin products are Non-GMO, suitable for use in organic applications and natural according to the FDA. Additionally, the VANI-MAX is natural according to EU and TTB. Featuring a sweet, creamy vanilla aroma, both products are available in crystals or powder and can be used in variety of applications including dairy, bakery, confections and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

“Consumers have a sweet spot for vanilla and Comax is committed to delivering natural vanilla flavours in a cost-effective way,” says Catherine Armstrong, vice-president of Corporate Communications for Comax Flavors.



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