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Comax Flavors’ Vanillin products hit sweet spot

Comax's Vanillin products address the need for natural vanilla alternatives

February 4, 2016   Food in Canada

Vanilla Beans

The high demand for vanilla and the supply shortage has resulted in a volatile vanilla market with soaring costs. To address the need for natural vanilla alternatives, Comax Flavors offers Natural Comax Product V (100% Natural Vanillin ex Clove) and VANI-MAX (100% Natural Vanillin ex Ferulic Acid) ingredients. Both natural vanillin products are Non-GMO, suitable for use in organic applications and natural according to the FDA. Additionally, the VANI-MAX is natural according to EU and TTB. Featuring a sweet, creamy vanilla aroma, both products are available in crystals or powder and can be used in variety of applications including dairy, bakery, confections and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

“Consumers have a sweet spot for vanilla and Comax is committed to delivering natural vanilla flavours in a cost-effective way,” says Catherine Armstrong, vice-president of Corporate Communications for Comax Flavors.

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