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Go nuts with these flavours

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With nut prices rising, Comax offers a solution with nut flavourings

Melville, N.Y. – Comax Flavors has a solution for processors faced with the rising cost of nuts.

As the company explains, a high demand and short supply continues to drive nut prices higher. Recent drought conditions that have reduced crop yields and a growing demand for nuts from China are two of the major factors influencing the increase in price. The company adds that the industry is concerned about consumer reaction to these rising costs in an already difficult economy.

So Comax Flavors is offering its nut flavourings.  Comax Flavors Peanut flavour and Pecan flavour is able to capture the appealing and full-bodied taste of these popular nuts.

The company says they offer a means to help top note foods and offset the mounting expense of these products.


The peanut and pecan flavours can be used in almost any application, from baking and confectionery to beverage and dairy. They are offered as natural or artificial, oil soluble or water soluble, and with varieties containing the named ingredient as well as those that are allergen free.

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