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Bell Flavors tracks top flavour trends

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Food and beverage trends for 2013 include nostalgia, spice and Mediterranean flavours

Northbrook, Ill. – Bell Flavors & Fragrances has announced its annual flavour and fragrance trends for the North American food and beverage industry.

Top flavours were selected over the past year through tracking customer requests for samples, internal marketing and R&D research, and by tracking trends through external databases.

This year Bell chose two top trends for each category, and three top flavours for each trend. The company notes that the selected trends reflect the affects of a still-recovering economy in the U.S, and the resulting desire for nostalgic and familiar flavours; the continued demand for sweet beverages; and the growing popularity of Mediterranean and Latin American cultures.

1. Sweet and dairy products

  • Nostalgia – Dessert flavours that offer “relief and security from a hectic lifestyle” will continue to grow in popularity, says Bell, pointing to peanut butter, rhubarb and hot chocolate.
  • Health and wellness – Mediterranean-influenced products and flavours like Greek yogurt, honey cinnamon and fennel seeds, offer consumers the healthy aspect they demand.

2. Beverages

  • Dessert-inspired flavours – Beverages will continue to be influenced by sweet flavours, as well as taking inspiration from favourite desserts and treats such as horchata, whipped cream and butterscotch.
  • Spice – Spicy beverages are “differentiating familiar products which in turn attract new customers to the category,” says Bell. Flavourful, low-fat and low-sugar options include cardamom, jalapeno and chai.

3. Savoury Cuisine

  • Regional Mexican and Latin American – Consumers now want more complex and authentic flavours and ingredients, such as Aji Amarillo, sofrito and mole.
  • Regional American – In the same way that consumers are increasingly exploring authentic global cuisines, consumers are gaining interest in regional foods and ingredients, with more authentic flavours and products. In the U.S. that includes New Orleans seafood boil, bourbon and andouille.

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