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Spice it up – Latin style

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Comax Flavors offers its line of flavours inspired by Hispanic cuisine

Comax Flavors is offering an authentic line of flavours inspired by traditional Hispanic cuisine.

The line covers everything from sweet to spicy, and popular tastes of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba and other Spanish-speaking regions.

The company says Latin fruits top the list, which can add a fresh flavour to any dish. The fruits include choices such as Mango, Papaya, Passionfruit and Lime. In addition, there are more unique fruit options such as Guanabana, which is comparable to a mixture of strawberry and pineapple with an underlying creaminess of coconut or banana; Acerola, which is also known as the Barbados cherry; and Lulo, which is a citrus flavour sometimes described as a combination of rhubarb and lime.

On the spicier side of Latin cuisine, Comax offers Chipotle Pepper, Jalapeño, Mexican Spice and Taco Spice flavours. There’s also Sofrito, which is a richly flavoured sauté of onion, garlic, oregano, cumin, bell peppers and tomatoes; Chamoy, which is a Mexican delicacy with a combination of salt, sweetness and heat infused in apricot; and Cajeta, which is a Mexican confection of thickened syrup made of sweetened caramelized milk. Also available are more familiar flavours such as Sangria, Avocado, and Mexican Vanilla.


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