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Breyers Double Churn Ice Cream
Breyers Double Churn ice cream has launched three new flavours: Dark Chocolate Velvet, Banana Cream Pie and Chocolate Cheesecake.

Breyers’ new Double Churn Ice Cream flavours.

Breyers Dark Chocolate Velvet has a smooth texture and uses real cocoa.

The company says Banana Cream Pie tastes just like fresh banana puree, golden graham crust and vanilla ice cream.


And the Chocolate Cheesecake is made with real cocoa beans and traditional cheesecake.

The ice creams are available at major grocery stores across Canada and have a suggested retail price of $7.49 for a 1.89 L tub.

Oasis Health Break Immuniforce
A. Lassonde Inc. has launched Oasis Health Break Immuniforce.

The new Oasis Health Break Immuniforce.

The newest addition to the Oasis line is a blend of blackcurrents and elderberries and is the first juice in North America to contain Wellmune WGP.

Wellmune WGP is an ingredient whose biological effect on the immune system has been scientifically proven.

The company says a 250 mL glass contains two servings of fruit and enough Wellmune WGP to activate the immune system of a child or an average-size adult.

In addition the juice has no added sugar and no artificial colours or flavours and provides 100 per cent of the daily recommended vitamin C intake.

The juice retails for between $3.99 and $4.99 and is available in supermarkets across Canada.

The Elite Meat Company has introduced CravingZ, the first three inch, lean, skinless 1.2 oz. pure Canadian pork sausage.

The Elite Meat Company’s new CravingZ three-inch sausages.

CravingZ comes in five traditional flavours such as Hot Italian, Mild Italian, Honey Garlic, Onion Garlic, Bratwurst and Breakfast.

The company says the product fits in well with the rise in popularity of “mini” foods. And can also bring in new sales without cannibalizing the sausage category. CravingZ are ideal on a small bun, a change for breakfast or as an appetizer with a dip.

CravingZ are also welcomed by traditional non-sausage lovers, and women and children who tend to stay away from skin on, large dinner sausages.

The sausages are frozen in a 540-g package with 16 sausages per package and they retail for between $3.99 and $4.99.

Badoit Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
The Evian Natural Spring Water has introduced a new glass range of products, featuring Badoit Sparkling Natural Mineral Water.

Evian Natural Spring Water’s new Badoit Sparkling Natural and Mineral Water.

This natural still and sparkling water combination will be available in fine restaurants across Canada this summer.

Badoit is a sparkling natural mineral water with a unique mineral composition, abundance of fine, long-lasting bubbles and light taste.

The Evian and Badoit glass range of products will come in both 750 mL (dinner for two) and 330 mL (individual consumption) formats.

Both Evian Natural Spring Water and Badoit Sparkling Natural Mineral Water come in matching bottles that are easy to serve and 100 per cent recyclable.

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