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The Quadro Comil offers size reduction, deagglomeration and dispersion features

Cleveland, Ohio – The Comil from Quadro offers size reduction, deagglomeration and dispersion and is ideal for milling products with low-melting points.

It’s also ideal for baked goods manufacturers who need help sizing industrial baking mixes.

An industrial baking mix that includes oil, sugar, flavours and flour, which is in flake form, will need to have the flakes sized first in order to package the mix. So the flakes will need to be cooled and then reduced to a consistent particle size.

The Quadro Comil comes with a specially designed nitrogen cooling system, which can reserve the product characteristics during milling. The Comil can reduce the mix flakes to the correct particle size at the capacity levels the manufacturer needs.


Other applications include granulating dry powders, sizing reducing and milling of wet or soaked products to produce liquid with wet suspended particulates, turning powders into pastes, wet blending, lump-free homogenous blending, reclaiming products from cream-filled products to hard, compacted products.

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