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Canada’s first natural energy drink bursts into the market

February 16, 2022  
by Food in Canada staff

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You may have seen founder and CEO Brad Woodgate recently on your TV screen, doing the #Joywalk while debuting his latest product for the No Sugar Company. Joyburst, his line of five sparkling Canadian-made, naturally caffeinated and flavoured, no sugar energy drinks are launching across the country.

The No Sugar Company has been producing better for you, no sugar products since 2018. Some of their most popular products are No Sugar Keto bars, Keto Bombs and Keto Ice Cream Barz.

Joyburst is the company’s first foray into the beverage space with natural ingredients and without synthetic products like sweeteners or caffeine. With all natural and easy-to-read straightforward ingredients, the drinks have zero calories and are Keto Verified, Plant-based and Gluten-free.

“It took seven years and 500 iterations to get the taste to comply with our high standards and to compete in an ultra-competitive category,” says Woodgate. “Unlike our competitors, we use very few ingredients and they are all natural, so you don’t get that sugar crash. We are so proud of the lineup we’ve created and we believe they’ll change the stigma that energy drinks are bad for you.”


The final formulation contains four main ingredients: sparkling water, green tea extract, natural sweetener erythritol and natural flavours. A large part of the innovation during development was discovering how to coat the green tea extract to mute the bitter taste that delivers the natural caffeine, as well as advancements in the use of quality natural sweeteners.

The line will debut in 355-ml can format with five flavours: Elderberry, Frosé Rose, Peach-Mango, Lime and Grape.


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