Food In Canada

Specialty box for food transport, storage

Buckhorn Inc. has introduced the Intrepid 48”x40” bulk box designed to transport and store food, liquids and powders

Milford, Ont. – Buckhorn Inc. has introduced the Intrepid 48” x 40” specialty bulk box.

Intrepid is ideal for the food and distribution markets. It’s designed for a variety of applications including liquid, semi-liquid, powder, granular, meat and poultry products.

It’s constructed of FDA approved material, and is reusable and 100 per cent recyclable. It offers a smooth interior and exterior for easy cleaning.

Intrepid can be used for temporary storage, work in process, incoming ingredients, shipments among plants and shipments to customers. Its heavy-duty design can handle loads up to 2,500 lbs. The container’s non-sequential folding panels assemble and collapse in seconds.


Intrepid is stackable with or without lids, and it offers a 3.3:1 return ratio. Up to 240 containers fit in a 53′ trailer.


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