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System can deliver authentic breading

The GEA MultiDrum from GEA Food Solutions can deliver consistent quality coating with a homestyle look and taste

March 11, 2014   Food in Canada

Meat &Poultry

Parkway, Texas – The GEA MultiDrum from GEA Food Solutions offers producers a way to deliver consistent coating quality with an authentic homestyle look, taste and bite.

The system is an innovative homestyle breader with multiple drums. The company says it splits the product stream and feeds the products evenly into multiple drums. The products leave the drums evenly spread across the belt.

The pick-up percentage is controllable, and the machine requires less space than a single-drum breader and associated spreading belts. This means the overall line is shorter.

The design is easy to clean, and with the GEA OptiAir technology, the amount of dust in the work environment is greatly reduced. The GEA MultiDrum is available in a three-drum configuration (1,000 mm wide) and a twin-drum configuration (600 mm wide).


The GEA MultiDrum enables products (bone-in or boneless) to be bulk loaded without the need for converging, and creates three even streams, one for each drum. Also at the outfeed, the breaded products are evenly spread across the transport belt, ready for the next step in the process.


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