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Enhanced X-ray and fat analysis systems

Eagle Product Inspection offers its inline Eagle Fat Analysis system for meat products and its new dual view X-ray system, Eagle Tall PRO XSDV

March 25, 2014   Food in Canada

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Tampa, Fla. – Eagle Product Inspection unveiled a new high-tech inline fat analysis system for meat products, Eagle Fat Analysis.

The company says this new fat analysis technology combines fat and weight inspection, contaminant detection and measurement of protein, and moisture values.

The inspection technology also features third-generation superior sanitary design ideal for harsh wash down environments and incorporates the latest advancements in SimulTask software, to allow for enhanced chemical lean measurement over varying thicknesses of meat.

The company also offers its Eagle Tall PRO XSDV, a dual view X-ray system that is designed to detect and remove up to 50 per cent smaller-size contaminants located in rigid and glass containers.

Designed with a single generator producing two X-ray beams, the X-ray system offers higher detection sensitivity levels than traditional X-ray systems for contaminants located in rigid and glass containers.

The technology is sophisticated enough to inspect different sides of packages for foreign bodies such as cans and bottles, plus it can examine fill-levels.

The slimline X-ray machine also provides simultaneous integrity checks on high-speed lines and is ideal for manufacturing facilities with limited space.

Pictured: Eagle Tall PRO XSDV


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