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Reduce acrylamide naturally

Frutarom offers two solutions for reducing acrylamides in heat-processed foods, and they decrease oxidation and extend shelf life

Frutarom Food Protection Solutions offers all-natural, high-antioxidant solutions for reducing acrylamide in heat-processed foods.

The company says in its testing,  INOLENS 4 and SyneROX HT formulations both “significantly reduced acrylamide concentration.”

In fact, the level of acrylamide decreased by 60 per cent in snacks and more than 90 per cent in fried potatoes.

Frutarom’s research team says manufacturers can attain the same high reduction levels in food applications that have very high levels of acrylamide.


INOLENS 4 and SyneROX HT have no impact on flavour, texture or appearance of the foods. Both are customized blends of rosemary oil and/or water-soluble extracts in powder and liquid forms. They are heat-stable and easy-to-use, and can decrease oxidation and extend shelf life. 


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