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WeighPack’s linear net-weigh filling equipment

WeighPack Systems has introduced the PrimoLinear C-10 automatic linear net-weigh filling equipment, engineered specifically for limp, non-free flowing, and delicate products

WeighPack Systems Inc. has introduced the C-10 to its PrimoLinear family of automatic linear net-weighing filling equipment. The system is engineered for limp, non-freeflowing and delicate products.

The company says the C-10 uses a system of motor-operated conveyor belts to gently transfer food product from the hopper to the 10-Litre pneumatically actuated weigh bucket that it uses to dispense product into various package types.

The PrimoLinear C-10 system can be customized for semi-automatic or fully automatic dispensing cycles with single-lane or dual-lane functionality, says the company.

It’s designed with an open frame so there are no small crevices for bacteria to develop. It also helps to reduce cleaning time between production runs.


The PrimoLinear C-10 comes standard with an IP-65 mounted digital camera for online service support.



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