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Omega-3s for good health

Frutarom Switzerland launches high-quality and deodorized DHA and EPA marine sourced omega-3 ingredients

Wädenswil, Switzerland – Frutarom Switzerland Ltd., Health BU Switzerland has launched high-quality, deodorized DHA and EPA marine-sourced omega-3 ingredients designed for a variety of food and beverage applications and dietary supplements.

EPA and DHA omega-3 are nutrients that help every cell in the body to function optimally. However, the major problem most consumers face is that they are not getting enough EPA and DHA in their diets, due to the lack of intake of foods rich in omega-3. 

Numerous studies confirm the beneficial effects of omega3 for multiple health indications such as cardiovascular health, brain development and cognitive performance, eye health, inflammation and general well-being.  

Frutarom Health’s new line can be implemented into any food matrix, such as dairy, bakery, baby food, cereals, oils, confectionary, beverages etc. It is both deodorized and without any negative impact on the taste.


The new omega-3 line is produced using the latest technology and controlled sourcing of high-end raw materials. The new line also includes omega-3 high concentrates for use in dietary supplements, allowing a higher concentration of DHA and EPA content, and thus a smaller size of soft gels, making it easier to take. 



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