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Better barrier

The Amcor Vodex Generation II from Amcor Flexibles offers food products protection and breathability

January 6, 2014   Food in Canada

Bake & Snack Food

Zurich, Switzerland – Amcor Flexibles has introduced Amcor Vodex Generation II, a barrier liner for bag-in-box foods.

The company says Vodex Generation II offers a blend of moisture barrier, mineral oil barrier and breathability that meet the increasing focus on food protection, environmental awareness and cost effectiveness.

The co-extruded packaging solution can also provide increased customer satisfaction, enhanced consumer experience when opening the pack and safe consumption.

The new Amcor Vodex Generation II, adds the company, retains the features of the original Amcor Vodex such as barrier against mineral oil hydrocarbon (MOH) migration, recyclability, breathability, aroma and flavour retention.


It also offers improved features of superior moisture barrier for a longer shelf-life, improved easy-opening, better packaging machine performance and increased value for money by providing more opportunities to down-gauge customer film requirements. The new films can also be tailored to specific product needs to meet barrier, puncture resistance, breathability and cost requirements.


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