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The new Starpac 600 HL Chocolate Wrapping Machine is one of the latest innovations from Bosch Packaging

Minneapolis, Minn. – Bosch Packaging Technology offers its Starpac 600 HL Chocolate Wrapping Machine.

The company says the system can hermetically seal single-wrap die fold packaging for small- to medium-size chocolate bars.

The Starpac H fold also offers hermetically sealed wraps in one OPP cut-off. And the packages are easy to open thanks to a tear-tape.

The system can wrap chocolate bars that have maximum products dimensions of 115 mm x 32 mm, and minimum product dimensions of 25 mm x 18 mm.


Some of the other features include increased protection due to the sealing, improved product image due to the originality of the packaging, shiny impressions rendered possible by using OPP, and using OPP instead of aluminum foil.

The machine is modular, comes with Infeed LS, is equipped with two unwinders, has its  gluing head at the unwinder exit so no heat is generated near the products, and has an exit belt that can be followed by a module for coding.

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