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BRC publishes sixth edition

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Food Safety

Unannounced audits and other features come with the global standards’ new edition

London, U.K. – The British Retail Consortium (BRC) published its sixth edition of its Global Standard for Food Safety last month.

Among other new features, reports that the latest guidelines encourage manufacturers to sign up for unannounced audits. The purpose is to boost confidence across the industry.

Food manufacturing firms that do sign up would receive higher marks for opting for the unannounced visits, reports

New features


The BRC standards are internationally recognized as a benchmark for good manufacturing practices in food, consumer products and packaging.

The BRC says its standards lead to increased consumer confidence.

The key features of the new edition include:

• Increased emphasis on good manufacturing practices
• Reduced need for multiple customer audits
• More detailed prescriptive requirements around key issues to improve consistency
• Outcome-based statements of intent
• Enhanced unannounced audit scheme, making this more accessible
• New enrolment process, providing a framework for food safety improvement
• New auditor training to ensure consistent BRC audit approach

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