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Quebec company’s plastic wine bottle taking off—literally

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Packaging Amcor Rigid Plastics PET plastic packaging

PET container a first for North American airlines

LAVAL, QUE.— Société de Vin Internationale Ltée has released several wine varieties in a special one-litre polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container geared at the airline industry.

The Quebec-based supplier of wine, beer and malts says it’s the first-ever, one-litre PET bottle for airlines in North America.

The company is using the bottle to hold its Claret wine in Costabella, Viejos Robles, Massaria, and Bergerie du Loup varieties.

Air Transat charter airline in Montreal has started carrying it.


Aldo Geloso, an executive with Société de Vin Internationale, said the company will now target other airlines and consider barrier PET bottles for other products such as cider in 330ml and 500ml sizes.

The container is supplied by Amcor Rigid Plastics, an Australian-based plastics packaging company.

It uses barrier coating technology developed by Germany’s KHS Plasmax GmbH.

“This is an important development because it expands the market potential for barrier PET wine containers,” says Kerry Drewry, sales manager for Amcor Rigid Plastics.

Drewry says the PET barrier technology is being targeted at other markets for oxygen-sensitive products.

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