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Pitch your idea at FoodBytes!

FoodBytes! - an event for start-up companies and their entrepreneurs to meet mentors, make connections and acquire the capital they need to grow - hits Montreal on May 16, 2018

February 23, 2018  
Food in Canada

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Montreal – If you’re an entrepreneur with a food industry start-up, an event coming to Montreal on May 16, 2018 may be just your thing.

FoodBytes! by Rabobank  is an event where start-ups can pitch their companies, and network with investors and food industry leaders.

Rabobank explains on its website that it created FoodBytes! because in order to have a thriving food and agriculture industry it’s critical to find innovative ideas that promote sustainability.

With a growing world population to feed, says Rabobank, there will be increased pressure on resources and the environment.


Rabobank stepped in because it believes its role “is to promote and facilitate connections throughout the entire food and agriculture value chain. In particular [Rabobank aims] to offer and facilitate access to finance, knowledge and networks.”

FoodBytes! is a series of events in food, agribusiness and technology, designed to connect food industry leaders and investors with start-ups “that are innovating and disrupting the food chain with groundbreaking ideas in food, agribusiness and technology.”

For more information on FoodBytes! or to apply, click here.


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