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One-piece processor prevents bacterial growth

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March 19, 2020, York, Penn. – Readco Kurimoto LLC has announced a one-piece, seamless design, continuous processor that prevents bacterial growth and contamination.

Readco is a process equipment manufacturer in Pennsylvania.

The processor featues a novel, one-piece screw design that ensures the shafts and paddles form a smooth, seamless surface throughout the entire length of the mixing chamber.

Machined in one, solid piece from a single block of stainless steel with no gaps or hidden traps, the proprietary, USDA-certified design eliminates the need for welds, fasteners and other connections that invite product buildup and harbor bacterial growth, the company said in a press release.


The potential for product contamination is virtually eliminated while cleaning moves faster and with greater confidence than in-batch processes, the company stated.

Custom-engineered and machined for each installation, the one-piece screw design also eliminates the potential risk of human error from rearranging the paddles to ensure the proper configuration is always intact and producing the homogeneous, uniform end-product as targeted and specified, stated the company.

“The sanitary processing system combines multiple liquid, dry and viscous materials to mix, blend, react, compound, crystallize and/or perform other processes in a single step for highly efficient processing proven to save time versus traditional methods while maintaining or enhancing product quality,” the company said

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