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Trussing Machine

The Siebeck FRT-MF tying machine automates chicken trussing, allowing for higher throughput, greater productivity and fewer operator wrist problems or back and arm strain. The unit, which is able to prepare up to 20 chickens per minute with a single tie, can be used for a variety of presentation options and produces a product with a symmetrical, plump appearance.

QMS International Inc. (905) 820-7225.

Accurate Measurement


CEM introduces the Sprint Rapid Protein Analyzer for safe and direct determination of protein. The new unit is fast and easy to operate, does not use hazardous chemicals and uses convenient, disposable sample cups and filters. The system is also not affected by naturally occurring nitrogen or adulterants, and only tags amino acids commonly found in protein, meaning protein measurement is reliable and accurate.

CEM. (800) 726-3331 or (704) 821-7015.

Automatic Cleaning

The XBW 2.0 from Meritech successfully automates boot hygiene. The unit is 35-in. wide, 136.27-in. long and 29.74-in. high, and operates on 120 VAC 60 Hz, 18 AMP. With automatic infrared photo-optical sensor from either direction, a resettable compliance counter and three emergency stop switches, the XBW 2.0 is safe, convenient and dependable. According to Meritech, the use of automatic hygiene technologies can reduce or eliminate food-borne pathogens in food plants, and can result in 75-per-cent less water and soap use, time savings, and a 400-per-cent increase in hygiene compliance.

Meritech. (800) 932-7707 or (303) 790-4670.

Innovative Coatings

Wilevco’s Rotary Atomization Spray Applicator offers a more efficient, accurate method of applying coatings, compared to dipping or showering. With the use of “spinning disc” technology, the system applies the spray coating uniformly and precisely, so that product is not over or under-coated. As a result coating waste is reduced, clogging and drips are eliminated, and production yields are increased significantly. Easy to use and clean, this versatile system works with a wide variety of coatings and products.

Wilevco Inc. (978) 667-0400.

Protein Replacement

Prosanté Textured Soy Flakes from Cargill gives ground meat processors greater options to help alleviate rising food prices. The textured soy protein flakes mimic meat’s natural structure, texture and chewing properties, contain 50 per cent protein, exhibit no off-flavours, and hydrate faster in cold water for shorter production mixing times. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, textured soy flakes will help formulators create a complete protein meat replacement with excellent economic value.

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