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Vegetarian “Meat” Flavour Concentrates from Eatem Foods add savoury meat-like qualities to vegetarian and vegan foods, with no meat or dairy ingredients. This versatile flavour enhancement is also suitable for use in meat analogs, soup, sauces and a range of other dishes. Available in 50-lb. pails or 500-lb. drums, concentrates come in vegetarian beef, chicken, ham and bacon flavours.

Eatem Foods Co. (800) 683-2836.

Savoury Seasonings


MicRoasted Seasonings from Newly Weds Foods are savoury seasoning blends that provide an appetizing oven-roasted browned appearance to cook-in-the-bag microwaved foods. Perfect for meat, vegetable or seafood products, these seasonings can also be customized for unique blends and flavour profiles.

Newly Weds Foods. (800) 621-7521.

Instant Texturizer

National Starch introduces Ultra Create Instant Texturizer. Designed to combine the best attributes of flour with those of a premium instant starch, this thickener adds opacity, freeze/thaw stability, convenience, taste and consistency to soups, gravies, sauces, dry mixes and ready meals, without masking flavour.

National Starch Food Innovation. (866) 961-6285.

Super Fruits

EFCO’s Super Fruit Toppings offer the same quality and versatility as regular fruit fillings and toppings, but with the consumer appeal of antioxidant-rich “super fruits.” Available in acai blueberry, goji peach, mangosteen pineapple, pomegranate raspberry and yumberry strawberry, the fruit toppings are adaptable to a variety of products, including beverages, sauces and baked goods.

EFCO. (800)284-3326.

Salt Substitute

KCLean Salt is a salt substitute with the full flavour and texture of salt, but with only half the sodium. Offering the chemical behaviour and heat stability of salt, the product is ideal for use in soups, canned foods, cereals and baked goods, as well as for topical applications on snack foods. KCLean Salt is all natural, with no artificial flavours added, and is available in kosher formulations.

Wixon. (800) 841-5304.

Tomato Confit

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