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Scientists work on developing new poultry products

Scientists from the University of Alberta are working on ways to develop new poultry products that have enhanced taste and nutrition, and would justify higher margins.

According to a release on the Poultry Science Association’s (PSA) website, the scientists are also looking into a new technology for protein recovery.

Putting by-products to good use

The PSA’s site goes on to say that the team is investigating methods to recover proteins from mechanically separated poultry meat and spent hens. And they’re developing a technology to extract proteins from these by-products, reduce fat content and remove heme pigments.

Possible applications include meat fillers, edible protein film (casings), biodegradable packaging and coating agents.

Increasing omega-3

The team is also looking on ways to increase omega-3 fatty acids in poultry meat.

One of the challenges is white meat is very lean and difficult to enrich with omega-3, but dark meat is easier and faster to enrich.

And the PSA site says the scientists are also studying the effects of high pressure processing on chicken meat proteins.

High-pressure processing cooks food without using heat and so preserves more nutrients.

Food in Canada

Food in Canada

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