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International Poultry Expo 2012 Review

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Food in Canada attended IPE in January and here’s a glimpse at some of the innovations we saw

Atlanta, Ga. – The 2012 International Poultry Expo (IPE) and International Feed Expo (IFE) took place in Atlanta, Ga. from Jan. 23-24. The Expo has been held in the city for the past 63 years and highlights technology, equipment, supplies and services used in the production and processing of poultry and eggs and for those involved in feed manufacturing. This year, more than 20,000 visitors took advantage of an expanded show floor with 895 exhibitors.

The show also offered a week-long schedule of education programs and again this year the International Poultry Scientific Forum. For the first time, the show offered the Executive Conferences on the Forum of the American Poultry and Egg Industry, which drew large crowds and had several key speakers.

Food in Canada attended the show and here are just a few of the innovations we spotted there.
Next year the American Meat Institute’s tradeshow will join IPE and IFE in Atlanta from Jan. 28-31, 2013.

Trimming and slicing
Marel Inc. provides equipment and systems to the fish, meat and poultry industries. The company highlighted its
StreamLine flexible and intelligent trimming solutions that can increase yield, throughput and quality. The StreamLine can be configured for a variety of applications and the flexibility of the line can lead to a higher quality end product, allowing users to maximize the selection of cuts into highest price products, monitor individual operators and minimize loss. Controlled by Innova, the company’s intelligent production management software, the StreamLine, can provide KPIs from reception to dispatch. Using the latest in laser vision technology, the Marel I-Slice also offers exceptional meat slicing. A wide cutting angle range makes it possible to cut your product in both low and high angle, creating products with a great plate coverage and low weight. The I-Slice is easy to operate, and is useful for multiple products within a wide cutting angle range.
Marel Stork – Poultry Industry. (770) 532-7041.


Chilling and freezing
Praxair Technology Inc. provides freezing and chilling technologies. At the show the company highlighted its ColdFront Solid Belt Tunnel Freezer, which can help users maintain product shapes, freeze liquids and bottom crust products and completely eliminate belt marks. The system uses a liquid nitrogen distribution system, safety interlocks, automatic temperature monitor and controller, PLC Controls and solid stainless steel conveyor belt. The company also highlighted its ColdFront Diced Product Chilling, which can ensure lower evaporative losses for dice and strip products. The system can preserve yield and retain moisture, improve quality and appearance, reduce product temperature rapidly in a reduced space and enhances food safety programs.
Praxair Technology Inc. (514) 337-6000/(905) 803-1600/(780) 467-9000.

Integrated solutions
JBT FoodTech supplies integrated food processing solutions. The company offered a free technical training program at the show, which included mini-seminars on portioning, slicing, coating, frying, cooking and freezing. The company also highlighted its range of equipment from single machines to integrated processing lines. The company also launched its Stein Heritage Breader, GYRoCompact II-600 Spiral Oven and the DSI High Volume Portioning.
JBT FoodTech. (312) 861-5900.

Food, animal safety
Neogen Corporation highlighted its products dedicated to food and animal safety. The company’s Food Safety Division markets dehydrated culture media, and rapid diagnostic test kits to detect foodborne bacteria, natural toxins, spoilage organisms, mycotoxins, food allergens, genetic modifications, drug residues, plant diseases and sanitation concerns. Neogen’s Animal Safety Division markets a complete line of diagnostics, veterinary instruments, veterinary pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, disinfectants, and rodenticides.
Neogen Corporation. Canada: (800) 788-4446.

Seal it up!
Cryovac – Sealed Air Corporation highlighted its packaging solutions and innovative materials. Some of the solutions the company offers include Vacuum Shrink Bag Packaging, which offers users outstanding pack appearance through shrink technology, increased shelf-life in the chilled product segment and high flexibility in production dimension. The company’s Tray Lidding solutions offer short to long shelf-life and work with Ambient, MAP, and Skin tray lidding packaging. Its Horizontal Flow Packaging solution offers a backstore-wrapped look, improved food safety benefits and a leak-proof closure. The Vertical Flow Packaging solution offers maximized storage, sanitation and hygiene, increased convenience and minimum pack weight. And its Thermoforming solution offers in-line loading, better productivity and it’s suitable for sophisticated printing designs and techniques.
Cryovac. (800) 391-5645.

Linking, filling
Handtmann Inc. manufactures individual custom-made filling and portioning machines for all sizes of business. The company offers sausage filling lines and various attachments that can ensure economical sausage production. The company says the systems are developed and designed to meet demands for performance, accuracy, versatility and quality. The company also highlighted its vacuum fillers, its continuous process system, extrusion equipment, grinders, linking and hanging equipment, deli product systems, stuffers and portioning systems. Some of the featured systems included the PVLS 125 linking system, the PVLH 228 linking system, the HVF 670 deli product system, and the ConProTherm continuous process system.
Handtmann. (847) 808-1100/(800) 477-3585.

Processing, packaging solutions
Reiser supplies processing and packaging equipment solutions for the sausage, meat, poultry, seafood, prepared food, bakery and cheese industries. The company highlighted its Food Processing Equipment, such as its Vemag stuffers, grinders, formers, fillers, portioners, depositors, extruders and coextruders; its Holac dicers, slicers and cutting equipment; its AMFEC mixers, blenders, tumblers, massagers, and macerators; its Ross tenderizers, meat presses, slicers and BLC impingement tunnels; its Fomaco injectors, tenderizers, brine mixers and tanks; and its Seydelmann bowl cutters and choppers, mixers, grinders, and mixing grinders. The company also highlighted its Food Packaging Equipment such as its Ross tray sealers for case-ready and modified atmosphere packaging; its Repak horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines; and its Supervac automatic vacuum chamber packaging machines.
Reiser Canada. (905) 631-6611.

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