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Taiwan lifts ban on Canadian bone-in beef

Taiwan opens its borders to Canadian bone-in beef in a move some see as the country seeking greater cooperation with Canada under the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement

Calgary, Alta. – Canadian producers can now export bone-in beef and other meat products from cattle under 30 months of age to Taiwan, which since 2003 had closed its borders to these products.

The federal government has been trying to have the ban lifted since 2007, when Taiwan opened its borders to Canadian boneless beef from cattle under 30 months of age.

The access to Canadian bone-in beef comes alongside Taiwan’s efforts to boost trade and economic cooperation in Canada for proposed talks of a Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

Canada Beef, an independent national organization that handles the marketing and promotion of the Canadian cattle and beef industry worldwide, says the access helps to increase the brand’s value, even beyond Taiwan.

“Achieving bone-in beef access will further enable the work Canada Beef is doing to increase the brand, value and the resulting loyalty for Canadian beef not only in Taiwan, but leveraging this into Southeast Asia,” says Chuck MacLean, Canada Beef’s chair.

Canada Beef maintains a strong presence in Taiwan, with its office in Taipei. Deanna Kao, manager of Operations in Canada Beef’s Taiwan office, notes that marketing will focus on the value that Canadian beef can bring to Taiwan.

“The focus of our brand efforts continues to be high-end steakhouses, foodservice and hotel restaurants. With full access, we have the ability to deliver additional supplies of Canadian beef to our target market consumer and further increase brand loyalty, demand and overall value for our product,” says Kao.

Currently, 94 per cent of Taiwan’s beef is imported, giving Canadian beef a large opportunity to be competitive and optimally a leading player in the beef market.

Canadian beef will be subject to identical inspection measures that have applied to U.S. beef imports, including certification, labelling, inspection, checks and information verification.

Food in Canada

Food in Canada

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