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New packaging for Chef Bombay, to celebrate 20th birthday of Aliya’s Foods

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Edmonton’s Aliya’s Foods, home of the Chef Bombay brand, celebrated its 20th anniversary as a leading and responsible Canadian food provider this summer while weathering industry impacts of COVID-19. To commemorate this milestone anniversary, the company has launched a hot new look:

Chef Bombay’s new packaging breathes a fresh and unflinching vibrancy with graphic photography to grab consumer attention. The redesign remains true to the family-run brand, showcasing recipes they are proud to serve at home every day; the line of products still represents some of the Jiwani family’s favourite dishes made with only high quality, natural ingredients but better demonstrates to consumers what sets Chef Bombay apart in the freezer aisle. It’s a youthful, energetic, and modern take on Indian cuisine.

Since its founding, Chef Bombay has grown from a small facility in Sherwood Park, Alberta to a team of over 200 employees; next year, the company will more than double its footprint in a move to a new 100,000 square foot facility in Edmonton. As Canada’s largest exporter of Indian food, Chef Bombay is continuing 20 years of growth and quality.

“When we started, our machines could manufacture 40,000 samosas a day, and we wondered how we could sell so many; now, we have seven machines manufacturing over 400,000 every day to keep up with the growing demand for our products! The popularity of our initial products gave us the momentum to expand over the past 20 years into other Indian favourites like chicken tikka masala, pakoras and innovations like our naanpanadas.” – Noorudin Jiwani, co-founder, Chef Bombay


“We pride ourselves in making the highest quality products: only dishes that we’d eat at home every day made from natural ingredients. It’s important to us that our customers experience our family favourites made the same way we do at home.” – Anis Jiwani, co-founder, Chef Bombay

“The brand refresh was important to us to communicate our commitment to quality to our consumers and do so in an engaging and attention-grabbing way. We think the new look will attract fresh eyes and encourage more consumers to try the products that we’re so proud to bring to their tables.” – Khadija Jiwani, marketing and strategy, Chef Bombay

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