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Cut product losses, boost production

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Tetra Pak has launched the Tetra Therm Aseptic Visco unit, for high viscous and particulate products.

The unit can cut product losses by up to 50 per cent, boost production flexibility, and further maximize food safety thanks to an innovative new heat exchanger.
The Tetra Therm Aseptic Visco high pressure unit is a continuous food-processing unit that enables efficient high-capacity UHT treatment for high viscous soups and sauces, tomato pastes, custard desserts, fruit preparations, vegetable purees and baby food products.

The capacity of this unit for high viscous products can run up to 18,000 litres/hour and higher.
At the heart of this unit is a high-pressure-rated coil tubular heat exchanger, called Tetra Vertico, that handles pressures up to 350 bar and enables higher in-pipe velocity and lower system volumes – meaning it takes fewer litres to fill up the system, which translates into smaller mix zones (product/water), shorter change-over times and faster start-up.

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