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Intelligent beverage pasteurizer can cut costs

By Food in Canada staff   

Packaging Beverages Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak has launched a new generation of Tetra Therm Aseptic Drink pasteurizers that enable beverage producers to cut water consumption by up to 80 per cent, energy by up to 30 per cent and product losses by up to 30 per cent, compared to other solutions on the market.

Tetra Pak’s new Tetra Therm Aseptic Drink pasteurizer.

The cost-efficient and flexible unit can process a wide range of beverages. And thanks to the introduction of an advanced automation system, the new generation units secure unsurpassed operational efficiency and life-cycle performance.

In addition to self-diagnostics, the new generation pasteurizers – which are suitable for juices, nectars, still drinks, tea drinks and enhanced water, including new “wellness” drinks with high value-added sensitive ingredients – include a range of other advanced automation features.


For example, the units will automatically identify deviations in process parameters, enabling immediate operator action to maintain optimized operation. And they will provide automatic notification of every maintenance requirement – helping all but eliminate costly, unplanned production stops.

The new pasteurizer is also compatible with the Tetra PlantMaster control system that enables additional intelligence functions such as full traceability, with unit history, batch control and review of all previous actions. These important aspects can cut the risk of human error and contribute to food safety.

A new balance tank, heat exchangers and deaerators sharply reduce water and energy consumption as well as product loss. Energy consumption is further cut thanks to improved energy recovery through double hot-water circuits.

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