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SIAL Canada: 10 ideas to spark your next innovation

By Birgit Blain   

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Over 50 countries from six continents showcased their specialties at SIAL Canada, the international food innovation trade show held earlier this month in Toronto. It was an opportunity for food brands to draw inspiration from the world over. Here are 10 intriguing products I discovered to ignite innovative thinking.

Balsamic vinegar in a unique wedge-shaped block

BokBok Korean Raspberry Balsamic Block is perfectly paired when grated over salads, pasta, steak, smoked salmon, cheeses and desserts. Korean black raspberries impart an intense raspberry flavour with balanced sweetness and tartness to naturally brewed balsamic vinegar, which is reduced to a solid wedge. This raspberry species (Rubus Coreanus), grown in Korea’s Gochang Biosphere Reserve, contains very high levels of anthocyanins comparable to blueberries.

Ovos moles de Aveiro

Egg yolk sweets, with Protected Geographical Indication from the E.U., are a traditional delicacy from the Aveiro region of Portugal, dating back to the 16th century. This unique confection, with a very rich, creamy and sweet soft centre, is made with real egg yolks and sugar, wrapped in a rice paper wafer and shaped into a shell. Shipped frozen direct from Portugal.

A seedy solution

The simple addition of GreenField Natural Ingredients’ dried fruit seeds can create the perception of fruit in baked goods, dairy, confectionery, frozen desserts, fruit spreads, beverages, smoothies and protein powders. Made from fruit pomace, these clean ingredients are a cost-effective way to add texture and enhance appearance. Choose from natural dried berry, passion fruit, kiwi, cranberry, fig and rosehip seeds.

GreenField also produces a diverse range of natural dietary fibres, micronized to less than 10 microns in size, from dried fruits and vegetables, and grain husks/bran. These clean label powders have numerous applications including fibre claims; anthocyanin content; colouring; water and fat binding; and anticaking.

 Happy Pops Kulfis

Inspired by the traditional South Asian frozen dairy dessert made with cream, condensed milk, sugar and spices, Happy Pops has launched a vegan version made with oat and coconut beverages and added vitamins and minerals. These refreshing frozen treats on a stick have a subtle sweetness and come in three flavours: Rose, Saffron Cardamom and Mango.

Botanical Refreshments – SIAL Innovation 2023 Finalist

Healtea Wild Botanicals, a refreshing beverage with a faint sweetness, is simplicity itself; reverse osmosis (RO) water cold brewed with wild organic herbs, followed by the addition of organic maple syrup and organic lemon juice. Nothing more.

One 355 ml serving has just 8 g sugar and is caffeine free. Three unique flavour combinations are offered in still or sparkling water: Ginger & Chamomile; Nettle & Rosemary; and Peppermint & Dandelion.

Lobster Oil

Who knew you can get oil from a lobster? In fact, Canadian Lobster Oil is made with canola oil, lobster, carrots, maple syrup, spices, Labrador tea leaves and dune pepper – all from Canada! This culinary ingredient, crafted by Master Chef Jerome Ferrer, imparts the tantalizing flavour of grilled lobster at a fraction of the cost of using lobster meat. Lend a taste of the sea to virtually any dish from sauces, salads, soups, pasta, pizza and popcorn to mayo and French fries.

There’s a sustainability benefit too; this premium product is manufactured with circular economy production methods.

Upcycled Nutritious Meals – SIAL Innovation 2023 Finalist

Certified Upcycled, Green Bowls consume edible food waste. Each dish contains from 20 to 35 per cent upcycled ingredients: spinach and carrot pulp from juice processing, spent barley from brewing and B-grade quinoa that is unsuitable for sale. These plant-based meal solutions are tasty and nutritious, packed with fibre (17 g to 22 g) and protein (11 g to 23 g) in every 250 g serving. Four varieties on offer are packed in microwavable pouches and ready to eat in minutes.

Natural alternative to chemical food preservatives

Inneo Anti-Listeria Solution is a natural antimicrobial that combats Listeria monocytogenes without changing the composition or organoleptic properties of foods. This innovative, clean label food safety solution is a protein peptide composed of 44 natural amino acids. Classified as a food processing aid by Health Canada, no ingredient declaration is required. A variety of application methods are available for meat, seafood, dairy, mushrooms, lettuce and fresh cut veggies.

Recipe-ready convenience

No prep organic pastes from Pulpa Canada are conveniently packaged in a spouted aseptic pouch. It takes no time at all to add a squeeze to a multitude of recipes. The single ingredient turmeric, ginger and garlic pastes are pasteurized for food safety. Available in 200 g retail size and larger formats for foodservice.

Concentrates from nature

Pure Botanica Botanical Distillates are touted as aids for a whole host of maladies and traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. These flavourful, single ingredient herbal waters are steam distilled to enhance the taste of water and other beverages, or sip as is. The botanical range consists of rose, lavender, mint, orange blossom and musk willow waters in 300 ml glass bottles.

As a CPG food consultant, Birgit Blain helps clients think strategically to build a sustainable brand. Her experience includes 17 years with Loblaw Brands and President’s Choice. Contact her at or learn more at

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