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Special Coverage: IFT10 Annual Meeting + Food Expo

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The Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting + Food Expo took place in Chicago, Ill. from July 17 to 20. Food in Canada was at the show where more than 1,000 exhibiting companies highlighted or launched myriad products. If you missed it, here’s a roundup of just a few of the products we saw. Look for more coverage in upcoming enewsletters. And in case you were wondering, next year’s IFT takes place in New Orleans from June 11-15.

Symrise highlighted its revamped and further developed Taste for Life platform. With Taste for Life, Symrise can help customers position their brands and products to meet consumer needs. Today, the company says, consumers are longing for a balance between holistic health and pure pleasure. Taste for Life can help manufacturers position their products and brands in this middle ground. Taste for Life highlights which trends and consumer needs the industry is serving with its brands, where there are gaps in the product portfolio, and where the competition is positioning itself. Taste for Life provides the conceptual framework for what a product should achieve. And is now more than ever focusing on the consumer’s perspective. Today, Taste for Life encompasses all of Symrise’s taste solutions.

Griffith Laboratories showcased two innovative technologies: optiYield and NaRedux. optiYield is a customized solution to optimize yield and eating qualities of protein products. Its benefits include increased cooking yield and reduced chill loss. It’s available in natural and clean label options and has improved sensory attributes (such as juiciness, tenderness and flavour).


NaRedux is a customized solution to reduce sodium levels without compromising taste. The company says it delivers functionality and taste, is available in natural and clean options and is applicable in a range of products.

Sensus highlighted its Frutalose SF75 sweet chicory root fibre. The company says it’s an all-natural, low-calorie sweetener for nutritional bars, baked goods, dairy and cereals. Frutalose offers high solubility, replaces polyols, masks artificial sweeteners, enhances satiety, provides humectancy, supports weight management, 75 per cent dietary fibre and 65 per cent the sweetness of sugar.

Neogen Corporation highlighted its new Rapid 3-D Test Kits for the on-site detection of allergen content in food and environmental swabs. The Rapid 3-D Tests make it simple to screen for the presence of low levels of allergens in food products and environmental swabs virtually anywhere. The company says sample preparation and testing take less than 10 minutes and each kit contains everything needed to perform 10 single use tests. The Kits offer on-site control, 3-D technology, and they’re easy to use, suitable for a range of food matrices and can detect low ppm allergen levels.

EnWave Corporation highlighted its nutraREV technology. nutraREV is a high-speed industrial dehydration technology. The company says it maintains similar nutritional content to freeze-dried products and retains superior colour and flavour. It also produces shelf-stable products with a range of water activity levels and moisture contents depending on the application. It also produces chewy or crunchy snacks and/or ingredients. The company also says products can be puffed to create new products and to increase product volume in packaging. Examples of nutraDried products include: cranberries, pineapple segments, bell peppers, sweet potato chips, shrimp, apple slices, puffed blueberries, banana chips and basil.
Coming soon: The company is set to launch a <25 kg per hour model this summer. It’s ideal for the small- to mid-size manufacturer.

Ecolab highlighted its Exelerate ZTF, a high-performance cleaning solution for zero-trans-fat processing environments. The company explains that the stubborn polymerized soils they leave behind on plant surfaces and equipment are nearly impossible to clean with traditional methods. So Exelerate ZTF is a cleaning program to help processors in need of an effective cleaning solution. It combines patent-pending technology with proven results to maximize cleanability and productivity in zero-trans-fat food processing environments. The company says the product is effective at breaking down freely rinsing away extremely difficult polymerized oil soils on fryers, ovens, mixers and other plant surfaces. Its gelled application increases product cling time for soil penetration, making it easier to clean hard to reach areas, including catwalks, fryer hood vents, walls and ceilings. It’s also effective at ambient temperatures.

Fonterra USA showcased its newest launch, its savory Cheddar cheese. The cheese offers all the flavour and quality of Cheddar cheese but with 40 per cent less salt. It has a distinctive semi-mature flavour profile, a uniform cream colour and a firm smooth body. The company also highlighted its recently launched Greek-style yogurt made with Fonterra’s DeluxeProtein. The company says it has a premium texture, and pure 100 per cent dairy texture yogurt with a cleaner label (it has no added starches/stabilizers). The yogurt offers a thick, creamy product enhanced with protein and is ideal for consumers who want an indulgent experience when eating yogurt as well as nutritional benefits. Also on display was the company’s indulgent nougat bar made with its PowerProtein. The bar offers an indulgent, light fluffy texture with 11 g of protein per 50-g serving. And the company highlighted is sports recovery beverage made with its ClearProtein. The beverage offers a clean neutral flavour, proven stability and crystal clear appearance. It’s packed with electrolytes, carbohydrates and high-quality whey protein for fast, effective recovery.

The Wright Group highlighted its Immune Enhancing Probiotics in probiotic chocolate balls. The product’s highlights include live bacteria that provide beneficial effects to the human body, improved maturation and functionality of the intestinal lining, increased immune response and reduction of infection and diarrhea. The company uses Probiotic L. fermentum, which is isolated from human breast milk, is clinically proven to colonize the human intestine, regulates and balances the intestine microbiota, modulates the immune defenses and decreases the risk of infection, is suitable for dry applications and is shelf stable for up to 24 months, at room temperature.

• At the Beneo Inc. booth, the company featured four new product concepts with functional food ingredients from chicory root, sugar beet and rice. There were fibre-enriched granola clusters, which make a delicious breakfast cereal or a tasty nutritious snack, and are made with Orafti L90 oligofructose fibre syrup. There were gluten-free cookies, which are a delicious, celiac-safe, fibre-enriched baked goods made with Remyflo whole grain brown rice flour and Orafti L90 oligofructose. Visitors also saw a fruit-blend energy beverage fortified with 100 per cent natural sources of energy. The formula featured Palatinose (isomaltulose), a carbohydrate found naturally in honey and sugar cane and which metabolizes more slowly than sucrose and maltose. Also on display was a creamy non-dairy beverage in two flavours, piña colada and mango/passion fruit. These featured Beneo’s functional rice concentrate, Nutriz.

Bunge North America highlighted its Phytobake Shortening with Phytosterols, for which it won the 2010 IFT Innovation Award. The shortening for bakery applications enables the dilution of the amount of traditional hard fat or saturates and trans fats used in the plastic shortenings by up to 46 per cent. Bakers using this ingredient may produce healthier sweet goods, such as cookies, pie crusts, and cakes. The company also offers products that eliminate trans fat and optimize saturated fats, such as its No Trans (NT) or Reduced Trans (RT) technologies. Processors can also remove hydrogenation from their nutritional label with Bunge’s Non-Hydrogenated (NH) technology. And they can offer great tasting drop-in shortening replacements that bring the “all” back to “all-purpose” shortening. With Bunge’s new UltraBlend enzymatic interesterfied line of shortenings, the company offers the ability to remove trans fats while optimizing saturated fats for cookies, crackers, cakes, tortillas and pies. UltraBlend products use domestically sourced soybean oil in a sustainable process to deliver the next generation of great tasting baked goods.

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