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Industry Veterans Launch New Virtual Winery

July 28, 2010  
by Food in Canada staff

Business Operations

Allan Jackson (left) and Andrew von Teichman will introduce Union wine next month.

Photo: Photo: Adam Belnap

Wine industry veterans Allan Jackson, co-founder of Jackson-Triggs Estate Winery, and Andrew von Teichman, formerly of Pelee Island Winery and Vincor Canada, have launched the Generations Wine Company. Their first wine, Union, is set to enter the Ontario market in August.


The new company is a virtual brand, with no winery and no vineyards. Instead, Jackson and Teichman are sourcing premium VQA wines from various Niagara, Ont. wineries. Union, which will sell at the LCBO for $13.95, is a premium, blended VQA wine in white and red varieties, made in a new-world style. According to the company, the wine is crafted to appeal to the 20-to-35-year-old demographic.

“Using our combined expertise and experience, Allan and I have guided every element of this new venture – from blending the wine, to developing the visual aspects of our new brand,” says Teichman. Adds Jackson: “Our intent with the Generations Wine Company is to take a hand-crafted approach to creating a contemporary, classic wine in an unorthodox fashion.”


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