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Special Coverage: IFT10 Annual Meeting + Food Expo

By Food in Canada staff   

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The Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting + Food Expo took place in Chicago, Ill. from July 17 to 20.

Food in Canada was at the show where more than 1,000 exhibiting companies highlighted or launched myriad products.

If you missed it, here’s a roundup of just a few of the products we saw. Look for more coverage in Food in Canada’s September issue.

And in case you were wondering, next year’s IFT takes place in New Orleans from June 11-15.


National Starch highlighted its:

-Precisa Cling 50 texture solution;
-Textaid texturizing starch;
-Homecraft GF20 gluten-free solution;
-Homecraft Create 765 specialty flour;
-emulsifier Q-Naturale;
-Nutriose soluble fibre;
-N-Dulge 2000 co-texturizer;
-Novation Prima 600;
-Hi-maize 260 resistant starch; and
-Novation 1900 starch.

Dried cranberries

Ocean Spray launched a pomegranate variety of its BerryFusions Fruits.

The company also launched a new fruit sweetened dried cranberry.

The new sweetened dried cranberry offers the same processing advantages, while also removing the need to call out sugar as an ingredient.


Fiberstar showcased its Citri-Fi, which can tightly bind moisture; improve yields; partially replace oil, fat, eggs and meat; provide synergistic yield increases when combined with phosphate and kappa carrageenan and replace synthetic ingredients such as phosphates, emulsifiers, and stabilizer and complex gum systems.

Heart health

National Sunflower Association unveiled its Nutrisun sunflower oil, a high stearic, high oleic, trans fat free “solid oil.”

The company says it’s a healthy alternative to highly saturated oils such as coconut and palm and is a replacement for fully or partially hydrogenated fats.

The oil is ideal for foods that require the use of stable fats.

Healthy formulations

Univar highlighted the Toffee Temptation Nutritious Snack Bar with CP Kelco’s Simplesse and Kerry Ingredients & Flavours natural butter flavour; the Berry Zen Fresh Strawberry Frozen Dessert that combines real fruit with less sugar and added zinc; and the Black Cherry Recharge Energy Drink that delivers a boost of vitamin B complex and features natural green tea caffeine.

Hot trends
DSM Food Specialties highlighted its baking enzyme Panamore, which reduces CO2 emissions and lessens the ecological impact of industrial scale production.

The company also highlighted its PreventASe, which can mitigate the formulation of acrylamide in bread, biscuits and extruded snacks by as much as 90 per cent.

The company also showcased its DELVO – YOG yogurt cultures, which help create different tastes and textures, and enhance viscosity and mouthfeel in reduced fat applications.

For salt reduction, the company highlighted its Gistex HUM LS, which provides a umami taste perception and bouillon taste to many reduced sodium savory applications. Also Gb Select Salt Enhancer allows for a 25 per cent to 50 per cent reduction in added sodium foods. And Maxarome Select can deliver flavour enhancement while improving overall quality perception.

Egg substitutes

H&A Canada Inc. introduced its ProOvO Egg Replacer for partial to 100 per cent egg replacement.

ProOvO Egg Replacer products are able to replace liquid, powder and whole eggs in bakery, noodles, pasta and bread products.

The product also offers up to a 30 per cent cost savings over eggs, while maintaining and improving the quality of finished products.

The company says when it’s used in breads and baked goods, ProOvo results in light, fluffy, moist treats.

In pasta and noodle applications, ProOvo replicates the same springy mouthfeel.

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