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Special Coverage: IFT10 Annual Meeting + Food Expo

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The Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting + Food Expo took place in Chicago, Ill. from July 17 to 20.

Food in Canada was at the show where more than 1,000 exhibiting companies highlighted or launched myriad products.

If you missed it, here’s a roundup of just a few of the products we saw. Look for more coverage in upcoming enewsletters.

And in case you were wondering, next year’s IFT take’s place in New Orleans from June 11-15.


Creagri Inc. launched a new hydroxytyrosol formulation.

The new particulate-free formula, Hidrox 12%, is the latest addition to Creagri’s line of natural, organic olive polyphenolic ingredients, which include Hidrox Liquid (0.5%), Hidrox Spray Dry 2% and Hidrox 6% Freeze Dry.

The new formula provides a reliable, safe and natural source of polyphenols and has potent antioxidant properties and bioavailability.

The company also says Hidrox 12% is a clean and soluble product, compatible with a number of foods and beverages, including clear water and juices.

French’s Flavor Ingredients highlighted its flavour enhancement ingredients.

These include prepared mustards, Worcestershire sauce, Rochester sauce, barbecue sauce, Cattlemen’s BBQ Sauce, Frank’s RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauces, French Fried Onions and Potato Sticks, and Mustard Flours.

The company also showcased its French’s Dry Flavors.

The company says this collection can help deliver the “Big Four Consumer Flavours,” which include buffalo, barbecue, Caesar and Cajun.

There was also the Cattlemen’s Master’s Reserve collection.

This line offers authentic regional flavours from America’s barbecue capitals, such as Mephis, Carolina, Kansas City, Texas, St. Louis, Louisiana, Mississippi and Kentucky.

The company says the Master’s Reserve line is made with tomato paste for a naturally thick and rich consistency. And they contain no starches or fillers.

Deville Technologies introduced the Hymaks, which was designed for a wide range of applications.

The multi-purpose food cutter was specifically made for the dairy and meat industries.

For cheese, it’s capable of handling large blocks of soft, semi-hard, or processed cheese, such as Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Gouda, and Provolone.

For meat, it’s capable of handling bacon, poultry (fresh, frozen, or cooked breast and thigh meat), cooked ham, cooked beef, and salami end-pieces.

The company calls it a groundbreaking contribution to food safety.

It offers sanitary seals and gaskets that separate the product and mechanical zones, surfaces in the product contact zones that are self-draining, no exposed bores, threads, or bolts in any product contact zones and minimum Ra 32 finish in all product contact zones.

David Michael & Co. re-launched Cocoa-Mate, its line of cocoa flavour extenders that are functionally capable of replacing up to 40 per cent of the cocoa powder used in a finished product.

Cocoa-Mates are available to replace both Dutched Cocoa flavours and Natural Cocoa flavours. A Natural and Artificial Cocoa-Mate is also available.

The company says Cocoa-Mate is an excellent candidate for a number of flavour applications, including ice cream, yogurt, beverages, puddings, toppings and bakery goods.

The company also highlighted its salt replacers, which allow up to a 30 per cent reduction of sodium.

The company is holding its David Michael 2011 Innovation Roadshow in March in Philadelphia.

Graceland Fruit showcased its Infused Dried Vegetables.

The company says its infused dried broccoli has superior rehydration and cooking performance and can enhance new product opportunities such as dry soups, rice mixes and boxed dinner kits with an extended shelf life of up to two years.

Its dried cubed carrots have the taste and colour of fresh carrots and offer superior cooking performance.

The infusion process produces a soft, healthy and nutritious ingredient with up to a two-year shelf life. Applications include pasta dishes, rice mixes and dry soups.

Its whole kernel sweet corn is much sought-after infused dried vegetable ingredient.

The product has a up to a two-year shelf life and also superior rehydration and cooking performance. It’s suited for dry soups, breads and stuffing mixes.

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) formed an alliance with Enreco Inc. to offer Sterling Choice flaxseed.

Through the alliance, GPC becomes the exclusive U.S. marketer of Enreco’s Sterling Choice flaxseed ingredients to the food industry.

The company says flaxseed is nutritionally dense and functionally diverse ingredient. It provides many of the nutrients consumers seek, such as fibre, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

Flaxseed is actually an oilseed and stability in manufacturing is critical.

Enreco’s proprietary milling and stabilization techniques provide a highly consistent product with a guaranteed shelf life of 24 months.

Bioenergy Life Science Inc., the Ribose Company, unveiled its Bioenergy Ribose-infused products.

The company says Bioenergy Ribose can add the health benefits consumers are seeking, such as increased energy.

The company’s three new Bioenergy Ribose-infused product offerings include Ribo Morning Toaster Fruit Tarts, Ribo Charger Creamer and Gabe’s Ribo Energy Gel Shots.

The company says Bioenergy Ribose is natural, energizing and versatile for use in food and beverage products.

The company explains that Bioenergy Ribose stimulates the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the essential energcompound found in every cell in the body.

Since ATP is critical for maintaining energy-related functions, ribose is a functional ingredient well-suited for adding energy and athletic performance benefits to consumer packaged goods.

Ribose also provides healthy levels of cardiac energy needed to maintain normal heart function as well as increases tolerance to cardiac stress.

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