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Special Coverage: IFT10 Annual Meeting + Food Expo

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The Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting + Food Expo took place in Chicago, Ill. from July 17 to 20.

Food in Canada was at the show where more than 1,000 exhibiting companies highlighted or launched myriad products.

If you missed it, here’s a roundup of just a few of the products we saw. Look for more coverage in upcoming enewsletters.

And in case you were wondering, next year’s IFT take’s place in New Orleans from June 11-15.


P.L. Thomas introduced its new Biosecur, a natural, certified organic antimicrobial agent.

The company says with Biosecur processors can now, without using heat or dangerous chemicals, reduce microbial growth by fogging, spraying and/or immersion. Also, unlike antibiotics, Biosecur is not mutagenic.

Biosecur tests against pathogenic microbes and is very effective at low concentrations.

Biosecur is a honey-coloured crystalline complex of organic citrus extract liquid from the flavedo and albedo layers of citrus fruits using a proprietary hydro-glycerin process.

It has a documented 5-log reduction on dozens of pathogens within 15 to 60 seconds of in vitro exposure from several GLP Labs. The pathogens include Samonella enteritidis PT 30, Escherichia coli O157:H7, and Listeria monocytogenes.

It’s 100 per cent water soluble, not caustic and easy to formulate.

Sargento Food Ingredients unveiled its new Duets, dual fill portion-control packaging.

The company says the new Duets can reduce material and handling costs and increase efficiency.

The system produces a single pouch with two, portion-control compartments.

It gives customers the option to fill two four-ounce packets simultaneously with products that cannot normally be commingled, such as cheese, meat, dried fruit or grains.

The company also introduced its new Reduced Sodium Cheeses.

The company says the reduced sodium cheeses still have the same melting characteristics but with 25 per cent less sodium.

Varieties and forms include shredded mild Cheddar; sliced, sticks or cubed Colby Jack; shredded whole milk mozzarella; and sliced provolone.

The company also launched its new Reduced Fat Cheeses.

This line has the same melting characteristics, but with 33 per cent less fat.

The company says they’re made without using sodium replacers or flavour masking ingredients.

Varieties include part-skim mozzarella, Colby Jack, mild, medium and sharp Cheddar, Four Cheese Italian and Mexican, provolone, Swiss and Pepper Jack.

SunOpta Ingredients Group highlighted a variety of ingredients.

Its Canadian Harvest Oat Fiber 610, for instance, can easily be added to baked goods, such as brownies, to increase fibre and reduce calories by replacing a portion of the flour with fibre and water.

The company says adding approximately seven per cent of Canadian Harvest Oat Fiber 610 increases dietary fibre to three grams per serving and reduces calories by more than 25 per cent.

For cereals, SunOpta also highlighted its Pea Fiber 300, which is used to increase dietary fibre content to enable an “excellent source of fiber” claim (five grams of fibre per a 30-g serving).

Pea Fiber 300 also has a bland flavour so high levels of it won’t negatively affect the flavour of cereal.

For beverages, SunOpta highlighted its Barley Balance Beta-Glucan Concentrate, which provides 0.75 g beta-glucan per eight ounce serving allowing a heart health claim (21 CFR 101.81).

Barley Balance can also act as a fat mimetic in a low-fat beverage giving it a more indulgent mouthfeel. It is also easy to disperse and may reduce the need for additional stabilizers.

• The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council highlighted its Real Blueberry Seal, which identifies customers’ product as containing lush, delicious real cultivated blueberries.

The council says products benefit from greater visibility, heightened consumer awareness of blueberry news (anthocyanins, ORAC measures, anti-aging reports), and consumers’ positive associations with blueberries.

The Real Blueberry Seal assures that your blueberries are the real deal.

TIC Gums introduced a new coating system for panned confections.

TicaPAN Quick Crunch is the latest addition to TIC Gums’ patent-pending line of TicaPAN confectionery coatings.

The company says Quick Crunch is designed to replace gum Arabic in confection coating and panning.

It also has comparable binding and viscosity properties and dries up to 20 per cent faster than gum Arabic.

Quick Crunch is sugar-free and non-cariogenic and can be used to enrobe nuts, malt balls and other confections containing oils. It also creates an edible film, it glitters and offers a higher polish, crunchier texture and a harder shell.

The company also had demonstrations of its FASTir gums.

FASTir Xanthan EC is a food-grade gum that hydrates and disperses more rapidly than powdered xanthan under minimal agitation.

The company says FASTir gums require no special equipment, no dry blending step and no slurries.

J.R. Short showcased a new multi-grain shape, a pellet.

Included in the extruded pellet was cocoa powder and marshmallow flavour made possible with advancements in extrusion technology.

The company says the technology can help snack manufacturers develop new products that deliver a distinct flavour profile without adding topical seasoning generally used with pellet-based snacks.

The company also unveiled a new twist-shaped pellet made with whole ground corn that delivers a good source of fibre.

J.R. Short has pioneered using various vegetable proteins and grains to deliver “good source” levels in extruded shapes that can be deep-fried, air-popped or pressure puffed into finished foods.

The company also showcased a sweet potato pellet, which can offer customers a new tasting entry into the snack category.

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients showcased its Engevita D yeast extract.

The company says it has developed a special process that allows Engevita to react to the UV light of the sun in a similar way that humans do.

The sterols naturally present in its Engevita D are converted to vitamin D by careful light exposure.

Engevita D is naturally high in vitamin D and can be used as a regular ingredient without any label changes.

The company also highlighted its Inactive Yeast and Yeast Extracts to help with salt reduction.

The company says using these yeast extracts is a novel approach to reducing salt in a balanced way.

Both solutions enable salt reduction without compromising flavour and can be applied alone or in combination.

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