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Flavour up tea beverages

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New tea flavours from Comax Flavors offer processors a way to differentiate

Melville, N.Y. – As the market for tea grows, finding ways to differentiate becomes more important, says Comax Flavors.

So the company has launched new tea flavours that it says are a fresh contrast to the standard teas of the past.

Some of the new flavours include:

• Apple Chamomile: The crisp and juicy flavour of fresh apple combined with sweet and floral chamomile. This flavour is available in natural or organic and in water-soluble forms.

• Mint Chocolate: A hint of cool peppermint completes the rich and creamy taste of milk chocolate. This flavour is available in natural and artificial or artificial forms, and comes in powdered, water-soluble or oil soluble.

• Pear Passionfruit: Succulent anjou pear is infused with the fragrant, tropical essence of passionfruit. Available naturally in either water-soluble liquid or powdered forms.

• White Peach White Tea: The soft floral undertones of white tea complement the delicately sweet flavour of white peach. It’s available in natural, water-soluble liquid form.

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