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Biodegrade this!

Tipa-Corp Ltd. has created a flexible packaging option that can biodegrade in 180 days

February 24, 2012   by Food in Canada staff

Ramot, Israel – Tipa-Corp Ltd. has launched TIPA, a biodegradable packaging material intended for the manufacture of flexible packaging for beverages.TIPA pic

The company says the material can biodegrade in just 180 days after going through an industrial compostation process.

The patent-pending multi-layered films have high flexibility and durability, high resistance to oxygen and water vapour permeation and transparency is approved for contact with food.

These characteristics, which are similar to the characteristics of conventional low-density polyethylene (LDPE), coupled with the unique bio-degradability feature can offer a significant competitive advantage versus alternative forms of packaging.


The TIPA film’s technical properties can enable:

• Full protection of the packaged product as well as its quality and freshness over time
• Increased efficiency of the manufacturing and delivery processes
• Production of novel soft-drink packaging that increases the end-product’s “shelf appeal”

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