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Potato chip cookies anyone? How about a ham-and-cheese cake with whipped cream? These are just a couple of recipes that combine sweet and savoury flavours. Mixing sweet with savour, is nothing new – consider peanut butter cookies, or ham and pineapple – but it’s now resurfacing in sometimes unexpected ways.

Recently Georgia-based GSB Flavor Creators launched a new line of fusion flavours called Get Shuffled, Baby. One new flavour, Tommango, combines tomato and mango, while others include Prickly Pear and Peanut, Prickly Pear and Sesame, and Kaffir Lime and Kudzu (a vine whose taste is likened to mustard greens.) “Fusion flavours have been around a long, long time, like strawberry-banana,” explains Olivia Noland, marketing manager at GSB. What’s happening now, she says, is “just the urge to go out and find something new, exotic, never done before and unusual.”

Here are more international sweet and savoury combinations from New York-based Productscan Online:

– The gourmet line Nordisk includes Gherkins with Cascade Hops.
– Knipschildt Chocolatier offers its Burnt Caramel & Hawaiian Sea Salt Chocopologie Bar.
– Luxlait Association Agricole produces Coco Curry (coconut curry) and Roquefort ice cream, and its sorbets include Black Olive, Peppered Mango, Wasabi and Wild Thyme.
– Dr. Quendt Backwaren GmbH manufactures a line of cookie clusters that includes the flavour apple and Jerusalem artichoke.
– Confiserie Coppeneur et Compagnon GmbH offers a wasabi and seaweed chocolate bar.

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