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Wholly Veggie launches mozzarella style sticks with truffle flavour

April 27, 2023  
by Food in Canada Staff

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Wholly Veggie!

Wholly Veggie unveils mozzarella style dairy-free sticks with truffle flavour.

“Our new Mozzarella Style Sticks with Truffle flavour combine the taste of a trending delicacy with upcycled cauliflower and dairy-free cheeze to create an exciting and delicious appetizer with hidden veggies,” said Johnathan Bonnell, co-founder and co-CEO of Wholly Veggie. “These vegan, truffle-flavoured cheeze sticks are the first of their kind and bring a nostalgic and decadent touch to snacking at home with a little help from your air fryer.”

While typically served in high-end restaurants, shaved or infused in oil, this kind of truffle requires no dress code. The sticks feature vegan mozzarella, natural truffle flavour, and a gluten-free upcycled cauliflower crust.


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