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Kraft Heinz reimagines family dinner with new frozen, ready-to-cook brand

May 4, 2023  
by Food in Canada Staff

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Kraft Heinz

The Kraft Heinz Company launches the Homebake 425°/:30 brand, a family-friendly, mix-and-match collection of frozen entrée, side, and veggie dishes with over 500 possible menu combinations from 15 base products.

Homebake 425°/:30 aims to reimagine family dinner by giving busy consumers a total meal system.

“With Homebake 425°/:30, we’re giving consumers solutions to the pain points we all experience when cooking, and shattering the notion that there needs to be a tradeoff when it comes to quality, convenience, customization, and crave-ability,” said Alan Kleinerman, vice-president of disruption, Kraft Heinz. “As a company, we’re doubling down on disruptive and insight-led innovation. Homebake 425°/:30 is a great example of this as we redefine what’s possible for the entire frozen category.”

Consumers pick their entrée, side, and veggie of choice, place all three in the oven together, set the timer, and then plate dinner right out of the trays.


Homebake 425°/:30 leverages proprietary roasting pan technology, ownable recipes and a cooking process that allows mains, sides, and veggies to cook quickly and simultaneously, steaming for 25 minutes and then roasting for five.


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