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The Foodie Family introduces the world’s first spice crayon

November 11, 2021  
by Food in Canada staff

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Food Crayon
The Foodies Family

The Foodie Family, a young Canadian business based in Montreal, presents the Food Crayon, the first-ever spice crayon that can be sharpened into flavour shavings to enhance your meals and cocktails.

Available online and at points of sale across Canada, the United States and multiple other countries, the Food Crayon is 100 per cent natural, vegan and gluten-free. Made by hand in Montreal, the spice crayon comes in 24 flavours/aromas in four collections: Fresh, Sweet & Sour, Spicy and Exotic.

“Our objective is to put more pleasure on your plate and in your glass with innovative natural products! The pandemic has taught us that we can lose the big pleasures in life, but still enjoy small everyday joys,” says Nadia Lahrichi, founder and president of the Foodie Family. “A plate of pasta is great, but with chili and garlic shavings, it’s even better. A chocolate cake is good, but with shavings of raspberry & balsamic, it’s divine!”

The ingredients that make up the crayons are infusions, natural extracts (black garlic, ginger, carrot, etc.), pulps, essential oils, natural flavours and fruit purees. No preservatives or artificial colourings are used. Cider vinegar and salt help the crayons stay fresh in the refrigerator for 12 months. Agar-agar is the vegetable gelling agent.


Once the mix is ready, it’s poured into a customized mould. The crayons are then packaged in a small bottle made of recyclable plastic. The sharpener is specially designed to produce shavings. Each crayon includes 18 g of seasoning, which is around 120 shavings to enhance meals, desserts or cocktails.


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