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PepsiCo Foods Canada unveils new chip brand for Gen Z consumers

February 29, 2024  
by Food in Canada Staff

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PepsiCo Foods Canada launches the Havoc chip brand that was created with the Gen Z audience in mind. Havoc is a remix of textures and flavours with unique seasoning pairings.

“Havoc was born out of the desire to provide Canadians with a multi-sensorial experience paired with a unique combination of intense flavours,” said Jess Spaulding, chief marketing officer at PepsiCo Foods Canada. “Every aspect of this brand from the flavours and shapes to packaging design has been carefully considered and developed to connect directly with Canadian Gen Z consumers who enjoy bold, spicy flavours.”

Havoc is available in three flavours: Fiery Lime Flavoured Rolled Tortilla Chips; Smoky Nacho Twisted Corn Chips; and Bulgogi Blaze Flavoured Potato Chips.

This is the first Canadian-led product launch in over a decade.



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